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    Slim down Windows, "debloat" with full control and capability to restore any changes, simply.
    HOW TO INSTALL (Win 10):
    iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))
    Copy code. Go to Windows button on your task bar, right click. Click on Windows Powershell (Admin). Then, right click to paste command you've copied. The script will automatically run.

    Watch video here:

    Link to website: Debloat Windows 10 in 2021
    Link to source files: GitHub - ChrisTitusTech/win10script: This is the Ultimate Windows 10 Script from a creation from multiple debloat scripts and gists from github.

    Frequently updated. Recommended.
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    Win 10 on my New laptop runs like a slug..... Makes my Win 7 Old Dell seem blisteringly fast though...
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    Stopped using Windows when XP became defunct except for a very few programs that run on Windows. Have dual boot (Linux/Win 7) on the laptop.

    Desktop is Linux only
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