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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. sticks65

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    Some time ago a friend asked me how I would build a shelter if for some unknown reason a day hike turned into a night or so in the woods with no tent-tarp or sleeping bag.

    So yesterday I finely got the chance to get some dirt time in and make a video.

    Ive been making these types of shelter since I was around 9 years old and think they are the best natural shelter that a person can make.

    You need no tools and use what is found on the wood land floor.

    One thing I learnt when I worked as a gardener is that rotting leaves give of heat and once your Debris shelter has been up for a few hours you will start to notice the warmth of the leaves this is because they are being broken down by micro organisms,They obtain energy by oxidizing organic material,This oxidation process heats up the leaves from ambient air temperature. If proper conditions are present, the pile will heat up fairly rapidly due to bacteria consuming readily decomposable materials by the micro organisms.

    YouTube - Debris shelter.





  2. RightHand

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    I can't wait to give that a try. Glad to see you back sticks. Your posts are always like an offer to have an adventure
  3. sticks65

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    Been popping in from time to time but didn't have much to say.;)

    Life should have its adventures because I think we get caught up in the drudges of everyday life and forget about some down time with ourselves and mother nature,it good for the soul.

    Thanks for your comments much appritiated.[boozingbuddies]

  4. Brokor

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    Man you really could have stuffed that huge orange bag with a bunch of leaves and made yourself a sweet little bed! Yeah, I like the way you think, Knapster! =P
  5. sticks65

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    I did but the video was to long for youtube so I had to edit it as it was 17.56 minutes long.
    But I added one section twice and pressed the upload button and realised afterwards that I could have added more of what I did,oh well you canny win them all LOL[lolol]

    I also had a fire infront of the entrance.;)

  6. fish

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    top lil shelter mate,folk dont realise just how much work it is collecting all those leaves!
  7. sticks65

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    Thanks Bud[boozingbuddies]

    Thats very true.
  8. Pixie_moon83

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    nice shelter

    That awesome!! Great way to keep warm and sheltered. Now if only you could do something about the bugs....I guess you cook them for extra protein. [dunno][dunno]
  9. ghrit

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    If you are cold and wet, bugs are a minor consideration. Debris and a small fire (keep it away from the leaves!!) will warm you enough to make it thru.
  10. cimmeriansnake

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    I must agree that the debris shelter is probably the best field-expedient shelter one can make use of. Materials are readily available in any wooded area, but I once used nothing but grasses for insulation on the mid-western plains. It took a bit longer to gather enough grass for insulation than it would have for leaves, and I don't believe it insulated as well as leaves do, but with I did stay warm and cozy.
  11. sticks65

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    Well if they are going to try to eat me I think it only right to pay them back in kind,but I like my bugs like sushi ''raw''.[winkthumb]
  12. -06

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    Stick, that is a nice looking shelter and well built. We had an expedient shelter contest at our gathering one fall and some were very nice. Some were like yours-roomy. My sons was very low built, covered with local greenery (for camo), and stuffed with leaves. He won first prize. It took him about 20 minutes from start to finish. If you can find a blow down they work great but you can pull a sapling over and tie it off. Then build your spines, put in some "cross members", weaving as you go, cover with at least 6" of leaves (a foot is better), put up some greenery if you want it to blend in, and fill totally with leaves. You can nestle into that bed of leaves and you will sleep warm and dry.
    If I expected a long term camp then I would go with one like yours but for an emergency the lower quicker constructed will be better.
  13. sticks65

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    Thats very cool that your son takes part in you gatherings and even cooler that he Won,well done to him[winkthumb]

    There's no doubt that the lower shelter is warmer But for me the lower shelter would not work so well as im claustrophobic so would rather build it bigger and have a fire with reflector at the entrance for warmth.[winkthumb]
  14. sticks65

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  15. sticks65

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    Its all about staying warm and cosy and it sounds like you used what was available and put it to good use.[winkthumb]
  16. Very nice shelter building skills! Quite impressive.
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