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Gear Review Deceit and Discreet "First Aid kit"

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Witch Doctor 01, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    This is a neat little "First Aid Kit"

    That holds the Witch Doctors Medical Kit… For those terminal cases…

    This is a medium sized "First Aid Kit" it will comfortably hold a Glock 22 with two spare mag pouches. The interior of the case is covered with Velcro so it is easily customizable. it comes with a Velcro barrel pocket 2 magazine holders and a grip holder that are movable.. I normally have a different weapon stored inside so I didn't take time to adjust them to better fit the Glock.


    There is a way to lock the zippers and parachute cord for easy opening...

    The back has Velcro as well and will stick to the fuzzy carpet in many cards.

    Easily modified to fit most medium to small pistols
    Looks like a first aid kit
    able to be secured with a small lock
    bag opens easily with a smooth zipper pull
    I picked up this bag for $20.00
    I can attach this to a inside wall of many car trunks or side walls of a SUV

    The grip strap is not very easy to open.
    This is not a storage system that lends itself to a fast access

    Overall if you need to transport a weapon in a discreet manner this bag will work well.
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  2. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner Brewery Monkey Moderator

    Available, where... I need two! :D or maybe three...[LMAO]
  3. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

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  4. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf Monkey+++

    I got mine at Sportsman's Warehouse.
    There is a variation of it that says "Jumper Cables"!
  5. hot diggity

    hot diggity Monkey+++ Site Supporter+++

    I like the deception. Like the worn out, dirty, kids book bag laying on the back seat of the car. Nobody is likely to give it a second glance.
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  6. Oddcaliber

    Oddcaliber Monkey++

    Urban camouflage, neat idea.
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  7. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I eat vegetables. My friends are not vegetables.

    Add two Band-aids, a small tube of antibiotic ointment, and a couple of antacid tables.

    Then it is a First Aid Kit--with benefits.
  8. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Might as well throw in a tourniquet as well....takes little space. ;)
  9. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey Site Supporter++

    These would seem to fit the bill:
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    This fits well in my bag... And sticks to the Velcro....
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  11. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

  12. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    A well worn pair of work boots do the same thing.
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