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    One of the problems with preps is find a place to store them. For the most part we want to hide our preps and or not draw attention to them. I think there may be ways to hide our preps in plane site, after all I have a commode in my livening room.

    Here are a few ways I think that preps could be hid in plain site.

    Push or pull plow - Lawn ornament, paint it up and hang some flower pots from the handles then chain to a short post in your front yard.
    Kerosene lamps - If you just have a few you could be pegged for one of those survival nuts but if you have a bunch of the then you are a collector. You could even go as fare as to put little tags on them with there history, it could even be bogus info who would know. I only have 24 so I do not know if I am a nut or collector.

    Candle molds - You could pass them off as part of your antique collection or you could pretty up and call them decorative.

    Bed pan - planter in side or out with real or fake flowers.

    Outdoor kitchen - Oh such a nice place to have a party. You do not have to tell anyone the truth as to why you built one.

    Saw blades cross cut and buzz - paint the saw with a landscape and hang and say “see how pretty it is.”

    Buzz saw - paint it up put in the yard with some plants setting on it. See above for what to do with your spare blade.

    4X4 with big tires - I like to play in the mud once in a wile. You will have to get it muddy a few times just to make it believable. “I just thought it would be fun to build” may also work.

    There are a lot of food that can be used as ornamental but I am not up to par on this subject, I could research it but maybe one of you could help out here.

    Shutters - buy some cheep plastic shutters and use them as covers for your heavy wood and metal shutters when they are open. Paint your shutters so they look like a window when they are closed.

    Shelter vent - you can hide it in side a wood wind mill, you could even make it so the wind mill powers the vent.

    Fire arms - buy a rusty old but functional shotgun and display on your mantle say it was your grandfather’s and that it does not work any more. Make a shadow box to display your wall hanger in but make it deep enough so that you can hide your HDR behind the wall hanger.

    This is the few that I can think of right off the top of my head can anyone add some ideas to it.

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    Edible landscaping/edible lawns. ;) (Please look it up if you would like more information as there is way too much to simply list here.)

    Plant fruit and nut trees that are ornamental. Not only will they look good, but they will produce food for you and your family.

    Many types of flowers can be eaten or have medicinal uses. Research what grows well in your area and their uses.

    If you own your own land or rent a place with a yard try planting a vegetable garden. (Check with your landlord first before doing this!)

    For in your house: You know those oil things they sell in the stores with peppers/herbs/garlic and the like in them? Most people use them as decoration, but you can just as easily make your own and actually use your own flavored oils. You can take it a step farther and display various caned food goods (ones that look good at least).
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    That made me laugh. ;)

    I like the tool shed with a hidden basement idea the best, as it will come in quite handy.
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    :lol: Except for missing the wooden wagon wheel(s) in the front yard; you've described most of the houses that you drive by, in my slice of the world.

    I have to ask... Commode in the living room?
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    I took my childs bed frame down and stacked 5 gallon buckets up, put the mattress back on top with a long sheet hide alot of buckets.

    Does not leave a lot of room under the bed for dust to collect.
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    That cabinet you see in the old west movies that has the wash basin on top that the cowboy is washing his hands in the cabinet is called a commode. What they don’t show is him setting on the pot in front of it before he washed his hands.
  7. Tracy

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    [winkthumb]Got it.
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