deep capture, the crime:"naked shorts" explained

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    deep capture a financial blog tries to explain in laymens terms what the hell happened on wall street.

    <center>The Deep Capture Analysis - by Patrick Byrne</center>

    The Setting
    1.The Players (hedge funds)
    2.The Pawns (journalists)
    3.The Regulators The Crime
    4.The Crime: Naked Short Selling
    5.The Corporate Democracy Hoax
    6.Ruined Firms & Looted Pensions
    7.Systemic Risk
    The Cover-up
    8.The Deep Capture Campaign
    9.The Hijacking of Social Medi
    the players" goes into jim kramer ,clinton pardonee' Marc rich and others. They are all greedy mean manipulative bastids and deserve public torture.Kramer openly admits pumping stocks to soak the "idiots" (you and me). Booyah Ugandan gasoline filled tire necklace to you Jim.

    the powerpoint presentation :
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