Deep Winter: Finally published

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by tsherry, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. tsherry

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    This took me far longer to get published than I thought....

    Deep Winter is finally out there for the world to see.

    Now, maybe I can:

    a) finish up formatting/editing for 'Shatter', and

    b) make some progress on 'Remnant, the third installment.


    Thanks to everyone for all your comments during this process. We'll see how things go from here.
  2. jim2

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    Re: Deep Winter...finally published


    Just finished one book, and started the second. Looking at the whole process of getting an agent, published, etc. is pretty scary. The writing is fun though.

  3. tsherry

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    Re: Deep Winter...finally published

    It is at that. And now has a $5 downloadable version too--finally. Had to go through some hoops to get it done...[beer]
  4. tsherry

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  5. I.C.O.E.B.G.

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    Re: Remnant

    Good luck Tom!
    And thanks again for sending the first 2 to me. I have 100 pages of the Tomorrow series to go and then onto yours!
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    Re: Remnant

    So Deep winter is the 2nd book? and Shatter is the 3rd? what was the first one? what on eis Remnant? Think I will give them try, thanks
    How does one get the books to you for an auto graph?
    Or purchase the auto graph version’s?
  7. Heatherli

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    Re: Remnant

    I've been looking for your book "Deep Winter" at our local book shops here in Canada.
    Didn't know it wasn't published until now. Will it be available in Canada too? A lot of things in the States aren't available here.
    I am so glad it is published now. I look forward to getting it.
  8. tsherry

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    Re: Remnant

    The books should be available (both DW and Shatter) probably by special order. I've heard of them being ordered in Europe as well, I cannot imagine how much they must cost over there!

    The current story, Remnant, is up to I think chapter 38 on the blog. I've been under the weather the last couple of days and haven't had time to even log on!

    Tom S.
  9. tsherry

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    Re: Remnant

    Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you on this!

    Yes: Deep Winter is first. Shatter second. Remnant is third.

    I sell the books directly for $30 each, autographed and mailed to anywhere in the lower 48 or to any APO, which is a pile less than Amazon, Borders, etc. will sell them for, and without shipping.

    Shoot me an email at for more details. If you're not familiar with the stories, shoot me an email and I'll send you free PDF's.


    Tom S.
  10. drthtater

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    Thanks for sending me those PDFs of your first 2 books, I'll be sending money through as soon as payday hits.

    Thanks again!
  11. tsherry

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    Remnant, chapter 50/60

    is now up at the blog. FYI!
  12. drthtater

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    Groovy, thanks a lot. Looking forward to the end.

    (that didn't come out right.)
  13. zeker

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  14. zeker

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    figgered it out and ordered..some daze I shoulda stayed in bed

  15. Dont

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  16. Moose57

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    I read the first three books years ago when I downloaded them online. Some of the best ever in my opinion. Very well thought out. I just downloaded them again from Amazon. Looking forward to reading them again and book four for the first time.

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