Deer antler knife

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    This very unique knife is made from 1/8" high carbon 1080 steel. The 2.5" blade has been differentially heat treated with clay and has a very nice hamon.

    The blade is secured in the slotted whitetail deer antler with epoxy, brass pins and artificial sinew sealed with resin.

    The sheath is made from buckskin stitched over kydex with artificial sinew. The sheath has been branded with the Native American symbol for "protection".

    Asking $200 plus shipping. ***PRICE REDUCED TO $150 plus shipping*** (add 3% for PayPal)
  2. Cousin Jack

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    Pssssssst....Hey!....CRC...I dropped the price on this one....:D
  3. CRC

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    You're killin' me CJ....

    hmmmmm...this may work...I really really really love this one....
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