deer snare, 7 ft high, horizontal, works great

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    but it's for shtf only, since snaring deer is illegal. First you bury a salt block, in an area with no farmer's salt put out for cattle, of course. You bait the site with fresh ear corn, carrots, apples, until you see signs of deer using the salt 'lick", Then, any time you need venison, you suspend the aircraft cable slip noose, using Ragnar Benson's Survival Poaching book's "how to" on making it a "one way" sliding affair., with 3 threads up to branches of a big tree. About 18" of noose diameter is about right. Centerd on the noose, and about 15" above it, hang an apple on a wire. This is a slow, cruel way to die, so use it only in life or death scenarios.
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    Learned a lot in the clink, did ya?
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