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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mortis, Jul 1, 2007.

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    I was never a fan of Jericho. But I did watch most of the episode where the Gerald McRanney character was killed off. Mostly because I also was running interference between 2 grandsons.

    When viewing movies or television shows, I have to remind myself….. It’s Not In The Script! Or it was written that way to allow the movement of the show to move to what the writers feel is the logical conclusion. Also, we must remember that most writers and directors have no idea what they are doing when working with military style operations. That’s why they often hire Tech Advisors like Captain Dale Dye.

    So……let’s do what in the service would be a Command Post Exercise.
    You have 30 people with mixed weaponry and 12 hours to prepare a defensive position at the farm McRanney was killed at.

    I know the writers did not give them that much time to prepare, but if you knew there were folks out there wanting what you have and were willing to kill to take it, would you wait till the last minute to prepare for such an attack?

    I have already posted my rough plan on the net and asked RightHand to bookmark it till needed. At the end of 1 week, she can copy & paste it too the board.

    There is no perfect answer to this scenario, only concepts. Each person willing to join in will have to accept that there are no wrong or correct answers. Some just might not work as well as others.

    AND….. Except for answering direct questions, I have no desire to critique answers given. That might sound arrogant, but I’m not head hunting, only running a thinking exercise.
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    Improvised explosives, command detonated would be my second line behind harassment fire from out-posted sniper teams. That tank opens a whole new ball of wax by creating the ability to scatter coordinated invaders well before they are able to organize for a strike.
    Pungi traps, improvised claymores, flame barriers, over-lapping fields of fire and most probably, a direct frontal assault as farmers are not generally adept at adjusting closing fire with home-made mortars. We're talking Berserker here. Break a leg off and beat them with it.
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    My thoughts exactly. They might not have had that much time for this exact battle, but they should have had some defensive battlements in place a long time before it came to this. The fight with Ravenwood should have taught them that. Each highway into town should have had a defensive fortification. This is farm county. You cannot tell me they did not have miles and miles of barbed wire at their disposal. If I knew that I had twelve hours of time to prepare I would have had scout sniper teams located in different quadrants to hit their advance party, and if nothing else shooting at the radiators and engines of the lead vehicles. Maybe four two man teams to hit them and slow the advance, which would give the bulk of the group at the Richmond farm more time to build fortifications. Dig in wearing home made ghillie suits. Fire a couple of shots then retreat. Keep this action up all the way back to the Richmond farm fortifications. The Richmond farm as shown on TV had several decent sized hills (shooting was in Ca. and not Kansas where it is very flat, but for arguments sake lets go with the TV version) where shooters could dig in. The narrow valley where the Jericho residents chose to make their last stand could be easily blocked. I would have dragged in every last piece of available machinery; tractors, combines, balers, trailers, to use to block the valley and actually provide cover (not just concealment) for the shooters on the road. On the high ground I would have had shooters dig foxholes, and trenches to make less of a target for the New Bern fighters to shoot at. With 30 shooters (assuming the scout teams all made it back) you could easily 10 on the road, and ten on each side of the valley. You would think that with the salt mine they would have plenty of explosives left over. I would be using them at this time. Homemade claymores with nails to maximize the damage to the New Bern shooters and trucks placed along each side of the road would catch the opposition in a cross fire of shrapnel.

    It is a good show, and I am really glad it is back, but the tactics shown do suck.
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    First I would have sent out a couple of 2 man sniper teams to do hit and run missions on the New Bern people as they advanced, with orders to take out as many vehicals and people as possible. Any exsposives that were avaible I would have buried in the road going through the valley in varios intervals to take out as many of the remaining vehicals. With the remaining people lining the hills of the valley. Have the valley blocked with trees or what ever so they could not get through the end of it. Concel the tank so that New Bern pass it before they go into the valley, once the ambush has been started then the tank could come in from behind and close off the exit, with orders to run over anything or anybody that trys to come out of the valley.

    1st. run of setting up an ambush;
    The enemy should have but one option once in the ambush area, and that is to die.

    2nd rule;
    Refer to 1st rule.

  5. RightHand

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    I promised Mortis that I would post the response he had formed before opening the thread. I copies this from his blog last week.

    So…my turn….

    Given this is Kansas Farm country, first thing to do is slow the Bad Guys done as much as possible. Considering we are defending at a farm, first thing we are going to do is create barriers.

    First barrier will be the plowing of the fields in the route of march. Plowing will start no less then 500 yards in front of the main defensive line. Considering that the show depicted dirt roads leading up to the farm, even the road will be plowed up. Repairs to the road can be made later if needed. Plowing will cover as far up each ridge as safely as possible.

    Depending on time and other elements not predicted, the plowing should create a barrier the 200 yards in front of the defensive line. And another plowed barrier 100 yards wide at 500 yards will require the opposing forces to dismount the vehicles at an extended range.

    Barbed wire will be recovered from every source possible to develop additional barriers in the form of tangle foot and fencing where possible. Create a situation at approximately 200 yards from the defensive line with the wire to channel the opposing forces into a narrow passage. Do not create any barrier that could be used as protection by the opposing forces.

    Concurrent with the plowing will be the digging of defensive positions. A Backhoe is ideal for this under these conditions. Depending of soil conditions, a trench line is the ideal situation. If a trench is not possible, two man positions should be prepared with the help of the backhoe.

    NOTE: Considering they are driving an Abrams around like fuel is cheap, then there is fuel available for the operation of the tractors for plowing and backhoe. An Abrams averages 0.6 miles per gallon with a capacity of 498 gallons when topped off.

    Next, this is Western Kansas. Prairie Dog country. I have never seen a town in that part of the country that does not have at least one poodle shooter. Send one or more of these shooters a couple miles down the road to the position of their choice where they can get a clear shot at the vehicles. Instructions are simple: Put a bullet into the drivers windows at max range. And put one into every vehicle as possible until you feel it is time to clear the area. Take any targets of opportunity.

    These shooters can leapfrog back to the defensive positions at their discretion. These folks are not expendable.

    The older trucks that the BG’s were using did not have impact resistant windshields. Hit one with a bullet the windshield will spider web if not shatter, and the driver will duck and in doing so will probably jerk the steering wheel. The possibility of at least one wreck is near certain, especially if a second truck is hit before anyone can react to the incoming fire.

    Also, considering that the lead vehicles appeared to be private automobiles, the first should also be targeted. Again, the possibility of creating a collision.

    No need to hit a driver, but would help insure the possibility of wreckage. If a truck happens to turn over, then 10 to 30% of the passengers will become non-combatants due to injuries. Possibility more if there is any cargo in the back with the passengers.

    Note: Prairie Dogs are often taken at ranges in excess of 500 yards. 1000 yards hits are not unheard of. And a prairie dogs are much smaller then the windshield of any vehicle in the BG’s convoy.

    Back at the Farm. One trick in helping the defenders judge range on flat, open ground is an old British Army trick. Range Markers. A 6 foot tall man, walking at a normal pace will cover approximately 100 yards with 100 paces. All that has to be done is pace off 100 yard segments, placing a bucket or some visual object at each distance. Have 1 person move the object as the plow passes and replace the object once the ground is plowed. Ranges do not have to be exact, but will give each defender a range reference to use based on the limitations of his firearm.

    Distribution of firepower. Difficult concept considering the mix of weapons used by the defenders. I’d place any Bolt Actions using Belt Magnums on the flanks at a higher elevation then the rest. This will give them better visibility to utilize the farther range capabilities of the cartridges. Standard Long Actions will be placed inside of them for the same purpose. Intermix all other weapons down the line with all semi-automatic rifles near center to be able to deal with the channeling effect of the barriers.

    Shotguns near center for the same purpose. Military Specifications for shotguns require them to be lethal at 75 yards and casualty inflicting at 150 yards with 00 Buck from a 20 inch barrel. Longer barrels can improve range slightly, but will improve accuracy at given ranges.

    Lever Actions. Highly underrated. But in the average shooter 150 to 200 yards is it’s prime performance distance. I would pair these rifles up or at least with a weapon that would allow one to be reloaded as another is providing fire.

    Other ideas. Overturned rakes and plows can create major obstacles for an attacking force. But only if they do not provide protection to the attacking elements. This can be partly corrected by having the backhoe scoop a shallow hole so place them in. Not deep enough to provide protection, but shallow enough as not to all them to be used protection also.

    One major risk is a flanking movement. That is always a problem when you have small forces and no other units on either flank to tie in with. This can also be a prefect place to put the shotguns, depending on terrain. Lots of barbed wire can help protect the flank if available and time allows.

    Since this is a public forum, my bag of dirty tricks remains closed.
  6. Tango3

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    Interesting read, sounds pretty impenetrable: now for the grand finale.Play Opfor. You are from the attacking bern forces , you have this complete plan available from a spy or technical surveillance..
    How do you come out on top?

    Send scouts out to find any edges or flanks to bypass brunt of the "head-on" preparations?
    Air Assault?
    chemical/bio attack?
    Muzzleloading artillery?
  7. Mortis

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    Playing OpFor.... one of my favorite things.

    Air Assault? If I had Air Assualt capabilities, this show would have ended halfway through Season 1.

    chemical/bio attack? Serious threat here, but one that can come back and bite you in the arse. These weapons are dependent on stablity of agent, delivery means, weather conditions, and your ability to protect yourself from your own weapons.

    Muzzleloading artillery? Interesting idea. We have to remember the science in even the 19th Century Cannon exploding balls cost many lives before they halfway got it right. But it can be a useful Psychological weapon.

    Scouts are the most effective means of intelligence in this scenerio. They would act as the Cavalry Scouts of old. Locate and fix the enemies positions. Avoid contact whenever possible. Do Not fight a sustained fight if contact occurs. Act as guides for the main body's movement into a jump off position. Best if these folks can get into position during the hours of darkness

    Convoying with cars instead of trucks is asking for trouble. And unarmored vehicles just increases the foolishness. Lead elements of the convoy would be pickup trucks with minimal armor plating on doors and windows to protect the drivers and passengers. Sandbag the back to add protection for the riders in the back. Steel plating in front to protect the vehicles radiator, but only in a manner as not to create an over heating problem. Difficult concept, but doable.

    The convoy forward elements will be looking for ambush positions, sniper hides, and any other obstruction to the movement of the convoy. They should proceed the convoy as far ahead as visual or communications will allow. They stop....the convoy stops.

    The Scouts will determine where the convoy will off load for the final assualt. At this time, the Scouts will have to deal with any forward outposts that can alert the defenders on the movement of the assualt force.

    This response is simplistic. But what the heck...tis only a tv show.
  8. RightHand

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    Remembering the original posit, you only have 12 hours. Granted, every member of the community has 12 hrs but how many have the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out some of the defensive maneuvers offered without training time. Scouting, sure - chemical/bio, unlikely.
  9. sniper-66

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    All you needed to do was ask!

  10. Quigley_Sharps

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    Did someone say Cav Scouts???[beer] My MOS lol:shock:
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    Surely somebody in bern could round up a piper or cessna., a few top guys with para sails..dropped inside the(jerhico) defensive perimeter, (at night)?before any frontal assault; Sow a lot of confusion with a few explosives or supressed weapons...Fixed position defense is tough...( and I'm no warfighter). Or a cropduster filled with toxins( its a farming area)...

    Infact a crop duster filled with fuel mixed with a common but "secret" ingredient=(napalm)?...Might even help the jerhico towny's slow an advancing convoy...
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