defining who is "suspicious"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Aug 7, 2012.

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    I have looked at the lists of who is suspicious, pretty much everyone.
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    It is true that there is a public expectation of participation on social sites like Facebook. If you're under a certain age, it is a firm expectation. Those over forty or fifty don't raise a lot of eyebrows, but younger people do. It's much the way it was ten or fifteen years ago when you said that you didn't have an email account. It was accepted for those middle aged and above, but for anyone younger, people wondered why you didn't have an email account, and why you weren't as addicted to the Internet as they were.

    I wonder how many totally false Facebook pages there are. I know that a lot of people lie about this or that - their age, occupation, etc; but if one of these recent shooters mentioned in the article above had constructed a page on which nothing was correct, it would have been fun watching the media trip all over themselves as they began dishing this material out to the public.

    Maybe that would be a good hobby for someone who disdains Facebook - create a totally fictitious life. It would be sort of like writing a short story, complete with photos. Or, maybe you'd have to be crazy to even consider such a thing. A question I'll have to ask myself when I talk to him.
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    It would be hard to do...unless you take on a girl as a persona. Some my FB friends "friended" a person whose picture was a hot girl. They didn't know her...had completely no connection with her...and they let her in the door willingly.

    I've read quite a few stories about how the police catch people breaking the law by what they posted on FB. I've always wondered if the cops can just monitor FB some way without the user "friending" them, or did one of the person's friends send a screen grab to the police. For example: go back to the post about the girl I posted from GA who got busted over something she posted on did they know about this? No one ever stated how the cops got on to her (unless her whole account was public).
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    Ok, you asked.... ;)

    I don't Facebook because I'm generally an off kilter, loner-malcontent who loathes all things social. Does that fit the article that I didn't yet read? Queue George Thorogood "I drink alone" music

    Actually, I don't FB for a no particular reason other than timing at first and then principal later.

    Pre FB, My-Space was a little too teeny-bopper for me (wtf? glitter text?) and I was still busy with forums and other types of message posting. I first saw FB when it was a college only, closed member site because my son was a member in the very early days while in undergrad. When it opened to the public a couple years later, I was on a full fledged privacy kick after reading How to Be Invisible: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Personal Privacy, Your Assets, and Your Life by JJ Luna. Myself and a couple others referred to ourselves as having been 'Lunatized' as we obsessed over creative ways to take back our expectation of Privacy as citizens of the United States for America.

    FB didn't at all seem like an option under my privacy concerns du jour just on general principal. Then I heard about this little leaked IM:

    Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

    Zuck: Just ask.

    Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

    [Redacted Friend's Name]: What? How'd you manage that one?

    Zuck: People just submitted it.

    Zuck: I don't know why.

    Zuck: They "trust me"

    Zuck: Dumb fucks.

    I kinda lost interest in FB altogether at that point even as my wife opened an account and started 'keeping up with family'. It also seems a little like a backwards step in the short history of the internet. Back in the day, we were trapped in a container like AOL. I remember when searches were just AOL 'keywords' and also remember the day that glorious and magical tab appeared in the AOL software (to the WWW). The fences were torn down and I could now go out and try to find .com sites on my own. The internet blossomed and flourished until one day, someone blew a whistle and all the cows came running back into the barn only now it's FaceBook instead of AOL or Compuserve.

    To me, FB is very limiting, user choices are all Hobson's choices and people have to abide by what FB tells them they want. I hear the collective groan whenever FB changes some feature or layout or timeline...

    I'd personally rather be free, hopping around different technologies that I have some control over, finding cool stuff on my own rather than deciding to click a link based on how many people before me visited it.

    I've actually tried to set up a real survivalmonkey account rather than just the fan page that QS set up but I can't seem to figure it out. Since most people hang out on FB on a regular basis, it makes sense to have a forum presence there but I'd rather be a free range chicken when it comes to where I spend my online time.

    All of the above has left me in a sort of strange predicament. I don't FB and now it looks odd to family and friends that I'm not find-able on FB. I do twitter some times when my twitter account isn't auto-blasting tweets with links to a bunch of followers ;)

    Social networking is becoming more like trough feeding as time goes by.

    my $ .o5
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    I sure hope I didn't kill this thread :eek:
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    You didn't kill this thread, Melbo. Let's just say it's really easy to create a ficticious email, ficticious name, ficticious location and obtain a facebook page. Makes it easy to look at those around you, without putting your own info out there. A little like reconissance...For those that want to put their business out there, don't get mad when others's ok, the refill on kool-aid is free...
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    You kilted it ded. Lol. Not really. My history starts with downloading pictures from newsgroups back on AOL when they were free to use. I had heard about something called bulletin boards and the like, never really got into it. I'm a little slow on the uptake in the technology swing. Then I could search the web and do what I wanted when I got a better internet connection. I search for everything possible, music, movies, pictures, stories. If it interests me, I look at it. I mostly used it for games for a bit. Then came forums like SM and other prepper sites and FB. I'm not really a social creature by nature of past pains, I withdraw easily for protection mode. Though over the years I have come out of my shell a bit. I still am not a bubbly person though I can usually just talk to some people whom I have just met.

    I joined the military and was introduced to MySpace because all of the guys in the unit were on it. Then I guess do to popularity or whatever reason, MySpace got left in the dust. Facebook was the next move. There I have family and friends listed, as well as some people I have no clue about. I have enough documentation through pictures and stuff to make me slightly trackable. I will fix that one day when I up and disappear from it. I mostly play games on there, though it is a chance for those who wish to stay in contact with me, to be able to shoot me a message. Had an old girlfriend contact me and we actually had an okay visit. We hadn't seen each other in about 20 years. She found me on there and we met up again.

    It has it's uses, though I understand security, opsec and such things. It's very personal if you put all your information out there and it's easy to get swayed that way. It is like any other thing in life, there are risks involved. You can even put fake accounts and be someone else. I will make sure I increase my security and watch what I post about certain things, though I guess it's an okay thing so long as I don't get addicted to it or turn into a hermit in a cave. Who knows?
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    I don't do Farcebook, and I don' t do Tweeter...... I have a LIFE! If my buddies or fellow employees need to talk to me, we use the phone or E-mail. I do not TEXT..... my education includes basic English, and I am my team's Documentalist - texting gives me headaches. I have too little time to waste rying to translate that gibberish into understandable English.
    Though I work in the IT field, I guess I am a bit of a Neoluddite.
    I haven't watched mainstream TV in two years. I have just a very basic cellphone, for emergencies only - only my bestest buddy has that number, and knows it's always turned OFF unless we agree to maintain comms, say at the hunting lease. I have no use for smartphones. I have no use for I-anythings......
    My one concession to the World of Online is the various forums I am a member of.
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    Well, I text frequently but I use plain English words when I do so. R U redy 4 tnight is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
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    Too funny, Melbo. My 17 year old daughter texts me and gives me an overwhelming urge to hire a translator. I usually run with my battery and cell phone stored in different places. One can never be too acutely aware....
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    I'm on call 24/7 so am pretty much tethered to my phone.
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    My Lifestyle is so slow, that if I am not in the cabin, ANYTHING can wait, until I return.... I do Have an iPad 2 but it is for Traveling, and keeping up with what is happening on my local Network. It basically has replaced my Laptop, for when I am not Home. AlaskaChick has her iPhone 4, which does all the iPad does, and does Cellphone as well, albeit with a much smaller screen. My Cellphone is an old Motorola Pre-Smart FlipPhone, and is our Backup Telco connection if the Sat Based Telco System goes Off-Line.
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    My hunting and MC riding buddy is a realtor (still moderately successful), and now a successful (over-worked) massage therapist, and must be on-call 24/7. He lives by his cellphone. He's the classic Alpha personality- as any good salesman must be.
    I am much more laid back. I have no need and would not accept being tied to a cell phone. Got enough stress going on as it is. I follow the strict rule - "work doesn't come home and home doesn't go to work!"
    And both E-mail and phone have mail boxes. If I don't answer, leave a message!
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