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    I had the idea for this thread earlier this morning, when Irony firmly kicked me in the keester. Thought others might wanna post their own experiences with Irony as well. As for me.....

    Definition of Irony: You Get up, get ready to leave Early to be First in line at the Tire Place to get New Tires. You walk outside to get in truck, and find you have a flat tire. End up last past their opening time by the same amount of time you had planned to be EARLY!!!
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    I feel for you. Replaced a tire a couple of months ago. I had run over a nail. Got up the next morning and the other side was flat. Another nail.
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    Early one morning a month or so ago, I was on my way to motor vehicle department to renew my driver's license that had expired last September and had slipped my mind. About 5 miles and 10 minutes before getting to DMV, stopped at a stop light, my mind was distracted and I rear ended the car in front of me. No damage to my truck but close to 2K to the "new" car I hit. State trooper came and was very nice, gave me nothing but a warning. I proceeded to DMV immediately. First accident I've had in the past 20 yrs.
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    A slipping clutch could not be more expensive than a slipping mind.

    I have been meaning to claim a rebate from my local water utility for some time...when I rang the utility about paying my present bill. when I mentioned the rebate, they operator told me that not only the present bill would be paid by past unclaimed rebates, but also got a $350 credit towards my next water rates bill. Sometimes a slipping mind has its benefits.
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    How about a little reverse irony?

    I was walking home from a dead battery walked in front of a house where a well known pedophile, woman beater, child abuser, drug user, drug dealer and all around bad guy lives. I was walking on the public right of way and he comes out of his house an jumps in my face about walking in his yard. Did I say he is a bad man? I rested my hand in the grip of my sidearm {we can carry open here} and he said I know you have a pistol. He screamed at me until I was clear of his house.
    This is were the irony part comes in.

    He called the cops on me and said I pulled a gun on him.
    Just as much as he is known to the LEOs for the wrong reasons I am known to them for the right reasons.

    The cops found me a few blocks down the street, stopped , went through the motions for show in case one of his buds was watching. When they were done I explained to them what happened and they need to make him understand that if he gives me cause I will shoot him. They said that they would try but he may be too stupid to understand.

    The cops went to his house to talk to him, patted him down, found drugs, violated him and sent him back to jail

    The moral of this story is “If you are holding drugs do not call the COPs.”
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    The moral of this story is “If you are holding drugs do not call the COPs.”<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

    Read more:

    The moral of the story is that unless you are a good citizen, and if a well known bad citizen, don't rely on the cops to be your special friend, because, nine times out of ten, they'll just make you good friends with the "warden".

    Bad guys are usually not well blessed with intelligence, else they would be bettter at what they do, and wouldn't have a reputation for being a bad punk. Therein lies the problem. Dumbass criminals will almost always do things that are ultimately not in their own best interests....such as calling the cops when possessing things that they ought not possess. I bet the cops who were called in to that incident, were most pleased with the result.
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    Lots of irony i the news this week.

    Philadelphia must pay $900k after failed bid to kick the Boy Scouts off city property for 'discriminating against gays'

    The city must pay nearly $900,000 after a failed effort to evict the Boy Scouts of America because of the group's ban on gays, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
    The post-trial ruling is just the latest twist in a decade-long legal dispute over the Boy Scout oath, which requires members to be 'morally straight'.

    Source - Philadelphia must pay Boy Scouts $900K for lawsuit to kick them out of city building | Mail Online

    I find this - ironic.
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    Being a good citizen and known thug does not work. One guy here was attacked by the local crack head while sitting in his car in a parking lot. Naturally the crack head walked and the never arrested person was thrown in jail for 10 days and paid a $1200 fine (KEEP YOUR PAPER WORK! THEY ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS come after you for more money! One "local'' sheriff got caught shaking people down like this and when investigated was found to have done it for YEARS!). Good guy goes to lawyer, crack head had been arrested over 600 times in THAT county alone! Seems crackhead was local po-LICE informer and lawyer said "Pay the fine, the po-LICE will lie to keep him on the street!" Crackhead kidnapped 17 year old girl out of store (ALL ON TAPE!) and raped her. Po-LICE did every thing in their power to keep crackhead from going to prison, but he is in for life now.
    The moral of the story is THE THUGS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!

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    That is a well known, and documented fallacy. It has been demonstrated thru MANY Studies, that the Distribution of Intelligence in Criminals, is exactly the same, as Intelligence in the Standard Population. There is also a demonstrated FACT, that most of the Criminals in Prisons, are Average, or Below Average, Intelligence.... The reason that these two Facts can be true, at the same time, is the really SMART Criminals do NOT get caught.... .... YMMV....

    I say, "Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of Folks." ..... YMMV.....
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    Nope they get elected....
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