dehydrated soup shelf life?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ajax, May 5, 2010.

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    I recently bought some dehydrated soup to make for dinner, just boil 8 cups water and add soup mix, seems healthier than canned, not that canned is so bad.

    Does anyone know how long this would store in a vacuum sealed container? Would it store like other dehydrated items or does it not last as long, the printed shelf like on the bag is two years. The only thing that makes me wonder is one of the ingredients is soy bean oil although the mix is dry like powdered milk.
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    It will store for at least several years, even longer if kept cool and dry. However, the dates are set for product freshness and accounts for the depletion of nutrient value and taste. You can eat a dehydrated food product long after expiration as long as it does not mold -but it won't taste as good as it should if eaten before the expiration date. It's all relative to how it is stored.
  3. Resqdan

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    you will lose taste and nutrition but it will fill your belly until you find something better
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    If you vacuum seal it (in mylar bags, NOT just Food Saver pouches), you might also want to throw in an oxygen absorber. That will help ensure a decent shelf life.
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