Dehydrated Squirrel

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    I sure am glad you put this in the humor section. It's been decades since I have ate squirrel. I am originally from Ohio and have dined on many a fox squirrel. A 2 pound squirrel there was common and tasty. Here in Florida now I could shoot 6 little gray squirrels or more daily from my porch. I am not in the city. I consider them for the most part minor pests. But, meat worth the effort to clean? Not hardly. As for the dehydrated squirrel at great prices. Well this is the humor section, so you must be talking tongue in cheek. Oh yes, the other quote was "yummy". Tell the truth. Did you really spend your hard earned bucks on some of this dehydrated squirrel and then eat it? Yummy? [dunno]
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    You didn't look at the order form. :D
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    thought it was gonna be Arizona road kill:)
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    HAHAHA!!! Thanks Q1! I was just gonna say that my wife is barely on board with the whole prepping thing. There was NO WAY the city girl would go for dehydrated squirrel. :)
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    [taser1] You are exactly right! Unlike some folks, I saw no need to go further as was expressed in my 1st post.
    After prompting, and checking, yes that was a bit funny. But, I bet many don't get it for the same reason that I didn't. They need a more enticing, more compelling lure, to make you WANT to go there. Then it would have been a truly funny joke. JMHO of course
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