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  1. BIBS

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    Hi all....was just curious to see how many here do dehydrating and packing their grub in mylar bags,etc.
    What do you do you do it?
  2. HK_User

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    Each item I pack has its own needs.

    Sometimes I pack food stocks in plastic bags inside steel containers. I then use dry ice, placed on top of items and allowed to "melt". This displaces O2 and preserves, and prevents vermin eggs from hatching. Be careful of moisture colecting as the dry ice melts, you milage may vary with moisture, just depends on location and local humidity.

    NO plastic pails, NEVER, not for anything in long term storage, any rat, over time, can chew through concrete so a plastic pail is only a speed bump.

    Go back and check selected items on a regular basis, be sure to have more dry ice.

  3. kckndrgn

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    When dehydrating I store the results in an airtight container. For our general use in my home dehydrated items are not a "long term storage", but rather an extended term. by long term I mean years, extended term is months.
    This is just how we handle our food rotation.

    I use plastic 5 & 6 gallon pails, haven't had a mouse or rat problem yet, but then again we do pretty good on food ratation and monitoring of our supplies. Any sign of vermin and traps are set to get rid of them.

    In the buckets I use mylar & O2 obsorbers. All of my pails also have the gamma seal lids, much easier for the wife & kids to open than the traditional tops.
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  4. BIBS

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    Yes Sir!!
    I've been doin buckets about 3 years mydamn self.....metal cans certainly do sound like the way to go as well,if I had access to 'em......I use lowes 2.59 per bucket with gamma seal lids and check them every other month or so....since they're in the celler of my home I havent had any issues with critters gettin in them.
    I do a lot of 10 x 16 size bags....sometimes fill up buckets with them or just put them in large plastic tubs,keep 'em out of light....put 'em in corners of the basement stacked to the ceiling.
    These tubs are filled with lighter stuff,mainly Vegs,etc.
    I,m doing more with 14 x 20 size 5.5 mil mylar bags and set 'em in 2 gallon buckets................diversification is something I like doing.
  5. BIBS

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    I wanted to post pictures as to how I pack mylar bags with an attachment,show pictures of a nifty contraption that I made....but 'IT" wouldnt allow me to up load the pictures?:mad:WTF?
  6. Silversnake

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    I have some in 5 gallon buckets, but most is in 1 gallon mylar bags for mobility or the ability to cross level or barter to others. Bags are stored in totes or plastic foot lockers.
  7. kckndrgn

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    Lets see if it works for me? I've attached to pictures using the "manage attachments" options in the Advanced post. Looks like it worked. See my PM to you BIBS, we'll work through it and get it figured out.
    IMAG0872.JPG 701a06b35c9b34397cbff934e3b7c925.
  8. amandadun

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    You could always upload them on a different website and link to them here. :p

    Cheers - Amanda [​IMG]
  9. jreb357

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    Go to and order 50 1 gallon bags with 50 oxygen absorbers. Go to Home Depot and buy 15 buckets with lids. Also buy the handy little bucket opener so you can open the lids later without tearing them up. Go to Wal-Mart and buy a hair straightener. Go to Sam's Club or Costco and buy rice, pinto beans, pasta, and oats. Fill the bags, add one oxygen absorber to each bag, use the hair straightener to seal the bags. Place bags in buckets, tap lids on with a rubber mallet. Done.

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