Dehydrating Milk

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    Ah! That sounds like my house as I am the only one that drinks it and since it is cheaper to purchase a gallon than a half gallon and have it if you need it - well - normally there is quite a bit left at the expiration date is exceeded. I only drink it in tea in the morning, maybe a bowl of cereal once in a blue moon so...but I got to have it for tea in the morning or there is hell to pay! LOL!!
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    To close the loop on this... I live in Northern Idaho, close to CDA (Coeur D'Alene). One would think that with all the preppers in the area (most people do prep whether they consider it prepping or not) we would have UHT milk but no. No we don't. Costco nor Walmart nor Winco have it. I have found it on Amazon but it is expensive ~$3.75 a quart which is much more than a fresh gallon of milk (around 1 gallon is ~$2.75-$3.00). So, now I understand the problem. It is not only taste (most grew up on fresh milk) but cost. Better to purchase dehydrated milk in #10 and save for a rainy day. My guess is it is much less expensive even in Alaska or parts of Canada.
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