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    inReach - DeLorme

    Anyone have any experiences with this?
    As time goes on, I find myself hunting more and more alone than with someone. Due to some moving away, passing away or just getting lazy..LOL
    This looks like a great way for me to send communication's home that I'm still kicking.
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    I have a SPOT for the exact reason. I fish alone in some pretty remote locations--mainly because my goal is to not see another human. If I got hurt....they'd just find my kayak...I'd be raccoon and 'possum food.

    I've had mine for 5+ years. I haven't upgraded to the new system yet....the old one does what I need, but this looks interesting.

    I was down in the swamps one time and the creeks were a series of switchbacks and blind 90deg turns. I rounded this one corner and gave a powerful paddle and on my backstroke (kayak) as I was turning with my hips, I look over and see this big lady and froze. I could've reached out and touched her with my paddle...had I not been frozen with fear. The pic doesn't do her justice...she was as long as my kayak and it's 12 feet. I'm just glad she wasn't on a nest or things would've turned out differently. If she'd freaked out and tried to get to the deeper water, the only thing between it and her was me.

    I snapped this pic over my shoulder while drifting. I've seen a lot of gators...but none this big.
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    No experience but I had a Delorme GPS set up for a laptop many moons ago and it worked very well. Just thinking about all the gear I used to lug around that is now built into my phone.
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