Democrat's worst fear: Collin Noir (aka: a black gun enthusiast)

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    The NRA Is Unveiling a New Pro-Gun Contributor — and You Might Be a Little Surprised |

    The media is going to have a hard time stereotyping the National Rifle Association (NRA) after the organization just announced its latest contributor to NRA News. TheBlaze was tipped off to the announcement and introduction of the man who calls himself an “urban gun enthusiast,” Colion Noir.
    Noir — a young, enthusiastic gun supporter that wears baseball hats and t-shirts — has somewhat of a cult following on social media. His Facebook page, which has over 25,000 likes, is riddled with fans and comments and he has 174 videos on YouTube where he breaks down the latest gun arguments in simple-to-understand terms, reviews gun-related equipment, and even shows off at the range.
    “Just A normal guys perspective of concealed carry, guns, 2nd Amendment and the Law,” his profile says. And on Friday morning, he’ll officially be taking that perspective to NRA News. TheBlaze obtained the video announcement that introduced Noir late Friday morning to an even larger section of the gun community:
    But that’s just a taste.
    “Really, dude — ballpoint pens?”
    That’s how one of his latest YouTube videos starts off, a reference to the uproar in Colorado after a state legislator suggested all someone needs to defend themselves is something as simple as a pen, not a gun:
    And he has others, including “Why Are Black ‘Leaders’ Anti-gun?,” What’s an ASSAULT RIFLE for DUMMIES,” and “How to Stop MASS SHOOTINGS.”
    A source close to the NRA tells TheBlaze that the video announcement is a teaser for series of longer videos in which Noir will tackle all things guns using his unique style. He’s also the first in a series of diverse commentators that will be making their voices heard on
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