Denial Stops Here: Global Climate Change

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stratovarius, Jan 26, 2007.

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    (Oh my gods! Have I finally found a home-away-from-home on a forum I can openly discuss these type of topics without being shot down repeatedly?)

    Here in the Blessed Land of Missouri, we are having the coldest winter in the last decade. And while it is certainly closer to what I remember from my childhood, I find it ludicrous to call it global "warming" when it's in the negative degrees outside!

    As to all the scientific waffling: what some of them are calling "global warming" is, indeed, cyclical and can be proven to have happened many times in the earth's history. So this "oh my god, man is Evil and we must immediately throw up our hands and retreat to the caves again" bullshit needs to stop. It's counter-productive and ignorant at best.

    Having said that, we have radically sped the process of this cyclical phenomenon with our deforestation, incessant and irresponsible fossil fuel burning, etc. And if, as a nation/people of concensus/intelligent race, we were to pull our collective heads out of our collective posteriors to examine the problem in a less-than confrontational blame-assigning manner, we could probably find a way to at least lessen the eventual impact. We will never be able to stop the process since it is natural, but we can at least begin to lessen our contribution to the problem.

    And I'm with ColtCarbine on this one: when the weatherman says "this is the coldest (or hottest) ever (the more intelligent ones say "on record")", he/she means in the past hundred or so years there's been official written records of such kept. Sure, there's much older records of weather accounts, but since we tend to dismiss them as quaint and less-than-accurate since they were written on clay tablets, etc., we dismiss them as being usable for comparison most of the time.

    Global warming a problem? Yeah. Is it time to retreat to the caves? No.
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    'Zactly, realize Global warming is a a fraction of a degree averaged worldwide not to be laughed at because of an an extra inch of snow in po-dunk 'holler...
    I always "hate" that when some TV news weatherman predicts a lowtemp or snow and the local morning news heads start "global warming Hyuck-hyuck-hyuck....."

    How do we handle it ? We adapt...I am a fan ofthe electric vehicle, so am biased and think we should've been driving ev-1's for the last decade...Is it an ultimate fix :? No, but it helps.

    Should we legislate away SUV's? I don't think thats theamerican way, but,SUV's (the "lighttruck" market ) were created to sidestep the corpoporate fuel economy standards federally imposed on "cars". Plus they are big, use alot of profitable repair and maintenance parts and service.Overall a big win for GM and ford! and we see how well they are doing today....

    Electrics are cleaner quieter use fewer parts and electricity can be obatained from renewables, (federally monitored) cleaned up smokestack plants, or nuclear...I'm hoping my next vehicle will be electric( may have to convert my ranger with lead acid batteries myself.)..I've driven and maintained gas/lp gas and electric forklifts, I much prefer the electric, it just works.

    If you believe the great conveyor ( gulfstream) shutdown is happening as a result of global warming , global "warming" will result in (Northern hemispere) European "cooling" as the heat from the equator and gulf is nolonger transferred so far north...
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    If all major car manufacturers started producing and selling hybrid (electric/gas) cars, and making regular gas hog vehicles obsolete, it would be a dramatic improvement. But, of course corporate greed, coupled with the mindshare/consumer craze won't stop until we make it stop.

    These changes won't happen on their own.

    We are still killing each other in holy wars, wrapped up in hate, and ignoring our own poor and elderly with no consideration for improving our personal standards of life to include family tradition, and community well being. We throw our dissidents and transients in prisons, watch hours of television, treat sexuality as taboo while promoting torture -sickos and pedophiles are released and become repeat offenders while we neglect our children and both parents work just to pay bills and taxes to support their modern, suberb style lives. People are empty on the inside, teens search for identity and acceptance, only to find an Xbox or rap-thug culture appeasing, and become mindless, empty consumer whore zombies....

    But how do I really feel, you may ask?

    We don't USE technology and modern day advancements to our advantage, we mold them around senseless lifestyles. We are a dying race of people in my opinion -and what occurs all around us is the effects of the problem, not the problem itself. If you want to get to the meat and potatoes...the heart of our problem, all you have to do is look in a mirror. THAT is your devil. THAT is your enemy.

    We need to improve ourselves, and hold others accountable as well. We need to speak plainly and concentrate on the source of our problems, not run circles around the fire screaming and pointing at every effect which lies miles away. Sure we have raped and pillaged the Earth. We are without conscience, without PURPOSE.

    We need to realize our philosophical nature and make progress. But to do so means destroying this deep and terrible lifestyle that we have created for ourselves. We need to focus on a future that we can all share that is within the scope of our greatness without degrading ourselves to the level of a snivelling parasite.

    Reality is never easy to accept.
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    You figure it out ;I'll be over here running around the fire in circles grunting and wooping it up...
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    Haha, you heathen. :p

    There is no spoon.

    I wonder...will we become another Incan or Egyptian civilization, long forgotten and turned to dust? Inevitably, I suppose all things come to an end. What will be our end? Our modern civilization makes Soddom and Gemmorah look like a child's playground. I wonder about the terrible stories that will be told as people of the future -if there will be one, debate just what happened to our culture. Perhaps another religion will spring up and captivate the hearts and minds of people, and keep them pacified. Maybe some will look at our fossils and weep.
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    Man did not create this earth and man will not destroy it.
    Personally, I think it's just a normal cycle.
    Secondly - I LIKE it warmer - maybe I can grow more veggies.

    I drive a big vehicle with nonexistant "emission controls". It has needed a new muffler for over a year (it doesn't have one). I really don't care I guess...
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    Been immersing myself in climate change /earth changes doomerism...Tb2k ( "timebomb2k") is a pretty heavy doom forum.People are talking about climate change not only being real but a rapid change( tip over) like in ("the day after tomorow") they cite evidence like Woolly mamouths frozen solid in 4 hours ( food still in theirstomach? Don't know how you could assign a time frame to that?).

    Aso unspecific "pentagon plans" that seemingly fit mass migration from the glacier zones of north america.( 'at's me ) give me a previously unconsidered need to build b-o-bs...or at least provide to pack our supplies fairly quickly..
    Idon't wanna leave...but I really hate cold and I really get crabby without eating ...

    They are saying things about us sliding rapidly into a full fledged (mini?) iceage...merely another cycle in history...I don'twanto get too immersed in this stuff its pretty dark..

    "quote brokor "there is no spoon"...

    HaHa brokor( your evil mind tweak references will not trip me up!)
    Had to think on that one: Don't try to bend the spoon with your mind, only try to realize "there is no spoon"!...(Matrix I)

    Move along, these aren't the posts your looking for...
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    Clyde.... [beat]

    Didn't you hear..... the debates over! We aren't allowed to present arguments once the hippies have decided!

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    Color me stupid, but somthing I learned as a Biology student, chlorophyl producing plants require CO2 and the more produced, the more O2 they produce. Hence, the earth has a way of scrubbing the CO2 we produce away, so the Inconvenient Truth is that Al is out stumping for votes so that he can build a new and better, more efficient internet?
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    On tonight's news: It takes 500 trees to absorb the CO2 from a car that is driven 20K miles a year. So, plant some trees --
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