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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Tango3, Feb 16, 2009.

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    "Something" is happening in the far east somebody buying up massive dollars, enough to scare Deninger...I don't under stand all the voodoo:

    fromthe same latoc thread:"

    It's not important until it is

    [​IMG] [​IMG] <table width="100%" border="0"><tbody><tr> <td valign="middle">[​IMG]</td> <td valign="middle"> Re: RED ALERT - FX DISLOCATION IN PROCESS!!!
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    </td> <td style="font-size: smaller;" valign="bottom" align="right" height="20" nowrap="nowrap"> [​IMG] </td> </tr></tbody></table> <hr class="hrcolor" size="1" width="100%"> Pammie, my understanding about what it means is that folks in Japan and Europe are afraid that Eastern Europe is about to implode financially which will tank the Euro, so they are selling out of their currencies and buying the dollar. We are screwed, but they are more screwed.
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    tango, wish I had a clear pic, but i don't. It does feel like panic and we are out of time...... oh if there were only some way NOT to sign that ddamn stimulus bill. between the private army and the NATIONAL HEALTH CARE insidiously hiding in there, and the electronic health records, it screams we are DOOMED. even a member of congress commented on camera "america you are screwed", what a revelation........ "You vs We are screwed", nice that he may not feel like one of us.
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    Thanks, I'm taking a deep breath( gonna do alittle ebay; go see a movie or somethin) is below7600 but dollar is up( "flight to safety" out of the Euro may have been correct after all.
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    Asian markets are very fearful of the Euro taking a dive, much as they were of the USD a year or so ago. The European collapse is apt to be worse than the US economy puking because European economies are less diversified, so the dollar buy up is going into a higher gear. I think, anyway.
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