Dental costs in Canada?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bandit99, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Bandit99

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    Just a quick question to our Canadian monkeys... I have to get a couple of teeth that need repaired, need crowns actually, and the cost for both will be $2600-$3000. I've no dental insurance. I was wondering what dental costs were like in Canada compared to the USA and if it would behoove me to check out a Canadian dentist before proceeding to get them repair here? I'm only a couple of hours away from Canada, nice drive also while the weather is good so... What is your opinion?

    Dental is not included in your medical coverage is it? Just curious...

    EDIT: Yes, I know I might save a bit on the exchange rate while it is good but just wondering if anyone has experience or opinion on cost of Canadian vs USA...

    EDIT: So, I called a couple of dental clinics in Nelson (Canada) and the cost was a bit less as what was quoted me here in the states, about $300 less (US dollars per tooth) less, when the exchange rate is calculated in also $600 total savings. But, of course, that is just an estimate and they would want to take their own x-rays and exam and etc. so probably less, more like $400...not a huge difference but a savings none the less... Anyway, now we know...good info for future reference.
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  2. Imasham

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    No, dental coverage is not part of our universal health care coverage. I don't know of any provinces that cover dental. Your biggest savings will be, as you discovered, on the exchange rate.
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    @Bandit99 I did not have dental insurance but I bought a discount dental plan. It usually lowers the cost buy half. I just had a crown and it cost me $1200 because I had the discount dental. I googled and found this- Affordable Idaho Dental Plans | DentalSave Dental Plans these plans are usually dirt cheap. Mine was about $120 for the year but it has saved me about $2000 so far. I found my plan via my dental office. I asked them if they know of an affordable plan. IMO somethings should be done local. When I got my crown it got infected which resulted in antibiotics and an emergency office visit. If you do your dental in Canada, you will be driving back and forth if there are issues.
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  4. Mindgrinder

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    Dental is only covered by our universal health care IF it deemed medically necessary.
    Example: A person on social assistance has an unbearably painful toothache, they can go through their welfare caseworker to have the cost of EXTRACTION covered. No root canals, fillings or major work.

    Most corporations have a moderate co-pay but provide majority coverage with specific limits.
    Example: Unionized Railway workers pay 20% of the total bill up front prior to getting work done.
    Personally - I had full dentures last year - major work. Total bill way upwards of $7000 but only $1500 out of pocket for me - and that was ONLY for a portion of the physical dentures. 100% of the extractions, medications etc were covered.

    Your situation....
    Hmmm...crowns...hmmm....MM has a very valid point.
    With meds -'ll be cheaper and the same quality here than there.
    With the WORK though...I don't know if i'd prefer an American or Canadian dentist for quality WORK.
    If American dentists STAND BY their crowns and will repair them for x number of years at no charge....I'd pay the extra and get it done State side and more local.
    I'd shop around with a few more calls up to Canada to check competitive prices.

    my .02
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  5. RightHand

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    I have a friend who goes to a dentist in Mexico for procedures that are costly in the US (i.e. crowns, etc.) She started doing this while traveling North America in an RV and she had such good luck that after she hung up her RVing shoes and settled in Arizona, she continues to make vacation plans in Mexico for the purpose of having her dental work done.
  6. Seacowboys

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    A friend of my wife just had full implants done in Cosat Rica with round trip flights for two (she took my wife along with her) and hotel accomodations and the total costs including travel and lodging was a third of the best estimate she got in the U.S.
  7. Bandit99

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    @Motomom34 Thanks! You're the best! I have the website up now and I will look into it tomorrow morning. I truly did not even consider looking into insurance after the nightmare I went through trying to be legal and obtain medical insurance here; BTW I'm still not legal and will be fined at the end of the year.

    @Mindgrinder "If American dentists STAND BY their crowns..." Oh, yes. There is nothing wrong with dentists here. Hell, I got a crown as a kid 40+ years ago and it is still perfect and any dentist that looks in my mouth always says the same thing "Oh, that's nice work..." No, the reason simply is cost.

    @RightHand Yes, I heard dental is quite good in Mexico but too far for me to go as I am up in Northern Idaho. My wife gets all her dental done in Central Asia when she goes back to visit her mother. The dentists there are Israeli trained and it's good, quality care. They don't have all the fancy and latest equipment but for standard procedures and costs it's great. And, yes, implants are pretty standard now (see below). It is a long flight (40+ hours), however, and I dread doing it but I am due as nieces are complaining that they don't remember my face...haven't been back since I returned stateside 2.5 years ago, wife has been 2-3 times.

    @Seacowboys Yes, our friend who lives now in Tennessee is having 7 implants (maybe more) done back in Central Asia (she is from same town as my wife) and her cost for all prep work was $2800 but the ceramic crowns (teeth) will cost some more but not so much and it still is very good price. I am not sure how much implants are here stateside, I think $1500-$3000 per tooth, not sure. I do have one that I got years ago which didn't cost me too much as I was working and had good Dental Insurance.
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  8. SB21

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    Don't know if they have them in your area , but I usually go to a place called Affordable Dentures. They do all kinds of dental work. Remember how you were lined up and run thru the doctors like cattle in the military , well that's about the way they do you. But I don't go for conversation, so I'm all for getting in an getting out. Cheaper than most dentist from what I've found. Might be worth a shot.
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  9. VisuTrac

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    @Bandit99 is there a dental school in your area? You might want to check to see if they can help you out.
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  10. Motomom34

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    The place I linked is discount dental work vs. insurance. True dental insurance is garbage unless you get it through an employer. I called about true dental insurance and the premium was about $100 a month for the kids and I but the insurance didn't cover fillings for the first year. I couldn't understand why people would buy a dental insurance plan that didn't cover anything but cleanings for a year. Just more insurance insanity.
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  11. Imasham

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    It's not insanity, it's economics...the insurance company needs to make money so they only cover cleanings the first year. If they gave full coverage immediately then people would pay the first month's $100 premium, get all of the work done on everyone in the family, and then cancel their coverage.
  12. Bandit99

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    @Motomom34 " You are right, "True dental insurance is garbage unless you get it through an employer" as I looked at a 'insurance' plan here in Idaho (Delta Dental) but they don't cover crowns for the first year so... and they make you sign a 12 month contract and if you cancel after 12 months then you cannot join for 24 months. This Delta Dental is not so great but saves you about 50% and it seems that there are a lot of stuff that isn't covered so don't think I am going that route.
    "The place I linked is discount dental work vs. insurance." Yes, I noticed that. I have read through their entire website but, to be honest, I am a bit nervous concerning them. I mean, I need to check into them to see if they're what they say they are. Where as my dentist recommend Delta Dental (as did 'Your Health Idaho' which has something to do with the Affordable Healthcare Act") I have nothing telling me they are legit. I do understand the concept as it appears they are using 'collective bargaining' power to lower costs. If this is true then it could be a life saver. But, it does sound a bit too good to be true so... Now, you are using something like them and have obtain good results, yes?

    I've got jury duty (first time in my life!) all next week so I need to make a decision on this...

    @Imasham "...would pay the first month's $100 premium, get all of the work done on everyone in the family, and then cancel their coverage." I think you have it correct. They are a business first and last so they do whatever is necessary to protect their bottom line.

    @VisuTrac "is there a dental school in your area?" That is a hell'va idea! I am not sure if there is one around here but certainly there is one in Spokane which is the nearest big city.
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