Deputy brutalizes a family

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Sep 10, 2013.

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    someone screwed up big time .... that video should have mysteriously disappeared .... looks like the entire police detail should be up on charges .....
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    DAMN, that was over the top, way over the top. I noticed the reporter said "former" so he's already been canned, now he needs to spend some time in jail where he'll, hopefully, get the same treatment he gave that family.
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    The "deputy" obviously was not working alone. At some point something made the situation escalate to the point that it did. And I'm not sure which of the guys in the video is the "former" deputy in question, but deputy pork-chop there who's working over the guy who's already pinned down, looks like he could use a 12 guage bean bag round to the nut-sack for his participation.
  7. BTPost

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    What kind of IDIOT, doesn't remember that his vehicle has a Video Camera recording EVERYTHING... This boarders on Morooon... (Bugs Bunny Definition)
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    It's cops like these, that get people mad at all cops. "To serve and protect" indeed.:(
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    WTF is "Official Oppression"?
  10. Seacowboys

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    After having asked what "Official Opperssion" is, I looked it up. It is a misdemeanor charge of abuse of office...a feel good thing to slap errant Gestapo on the wrist with when they get caught.
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    Notice none of the other "fine" leos could be bothered to intervene.
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    The problem we have with the jackboots is that the ones that are acting this way need to be taken out, but with the sheeple's perception of all cops being the good guys you will get screwed if you did that and ended up in court. Not saying all cops are bad (very small percentage), but I have seen/read enough videos/articles of ones that should be gone.
  15. Alpha Dog

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    What makes it bad for the rest of us is we have to live down what LEO's like this do or when we end up in a justified confrontation with someone this puts a doubt in the peoples mind as to what really happened. It is sad I have seen a profession I have spent a life time working and love slowly dragged into the gutter by dumba$$e$ and bad decisions, when Officers act this way they should be made in to a example. As for officer fat body he needs to be locked in a room with someone who is not being held down by 2 other officers and see how many kicks he can get in then. I bet he would be a total different man
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