Derringer Carry/Safety Question

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Blackjack, May 3, 2008.

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    I've got this little o/u 38 derringer that I'm gonna start carrying sometimes (since I gave my ex-ol' lady the snubby and the King Cobra is a little bulky).

    I'm the paranoid type....... the safety is a "push-in" button that physically blocks the hammer from going all the way forward, but there is no transfer bar, so if the safety were to be accidentally pushed in, the hammer would drop on a loaded round in close proximity to my...... goods.

    My question is.... is there anything wrong with keeping the safety engaged and also putting the hammer at half-cock? Wouldn't that provide the most possible protection from inadvertant discharge?
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    I would say that would be the best bet, then might als add to safety if it was in a holster, be it a pocket holster or some other type it would help keep it ready to grab but also pointed in a somewhat safer direction and if it covers the trigger like it should then also helps there. I would say though that half cock and safety on at least would be the way to go.
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    Carry/Safety Question



    SafetySam sez the Remington O/U design is now

    quite dated, and would make condition one~two

    carry more hazarsous to thine ownself than any

    perp/baddie. In a (third) hideout piece, maybe.

    But valued contributors to society deserve much

    better. Like maybe get the $%&%!! ex-ol'lady to

    lend/swap/gimmeback said handgun, or else get a

    chop-job on the Colt. Anything else is [taser1].

    <R H>

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