Desert Brutality: Lessons re-learned (or you are not in your twenties any more)

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wideym, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. wideym

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    I got back from InrangeTV's Desert Brutality 2019 on Tuesday and I'm still recovering. I participated in the 2018 and this year's match. It is eight stages, broken up into four stages each day. I had forgotten how intense the stages can be physically and how easily it is to miss targets when your heart rate is up and you are breathing heavy.

    I also remember that when I was in combat, my heart rate increased significantly in anticipation while moving forward to the fight, only I didn't have the muscle fatigue back then. I'm either going to have to significantly improve my physical condition or scale back my expectations. Also my pistol prowess leaves much to be desired.

    I might be a has-been, but at least I'm not a never-was.
  2. Ura-Ki

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    Gettin Old isn't for wussies!
    The things I used to do in the MIL, I wouldn't Last long these days! Between all the crazy and special stuff I would prolly get killed now! Those days are gone, what we have left is what we gotta work on! Thankfully My hard won pistol skilz is still good, and my Rifle/Carbine skilz are still deadly! Now days I focus more on being the grey man, no one sees me, or looks twice, I can move among them and am not seen as a threat! I try to be the Grizzly Bear Man, leave me alone and I leave you alone, but ...................
    Pick a Fight, I'm going to make you work for it!
  3. Oltymer

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    Sounds like your best weapon, your mind, is still intact and may be better than it was in your youth. At least you have an honest appraisal of your weak points and know what to spend training time on.

    I'm an over the hill has been, but am aware of my weaknesses and strengths, which actually can add strength to a bad situation.
  4. Cruisin Sloth

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    So true , Im much slower than I was years ago , also "Should" Know when not to push myself , healing takes much longer now @ six + decades

  5. SB21

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    The one thing about the combat scenario and stamina , is in combat you have that adrenaline rush pushing you further.
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    Old age and treachery always overcome youth and skill :)
  7. DKR

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    I'll bet your knees are talking to you as well.

    There are advantages to being old, but they are few and far between
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  9. wideym

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    The problem with my mind is that I remember doing all sorts of athletic endeavors with ease and practically no recovery time. I see chest high barrier and my mind says "phttt, you can vault that, twist in mid-air, land on your feet, get off four rounds center mass and move on to the next obstacle." In reality, I jam my finger trying to grab onto the barrier, kind-of roll across the barrier only to get my belt hung up on it leaving me with the tips of my toes touching the ground, but not enough leverage to unhook from the barrier easily, and then when I do get unhooked, my rifle sling slips across my body to have the butt of my rifle hit me squarely in the testicles. I did get four hits, with eight shots though.
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    I don't look at my self as elderly (68) but rather have sustained a lot of abuse through the years .
    I was tough through the years working along side older men do more work than they did and out performing my peers an others less physically adapt . Working on heavy equipment demands it out of you especially working alone .
    Alone you have to think further into the process and plan for the unexpected, with real preparations not hope.
    I probably should have been dead years ago. I appreciate God's intervention.
    Knowing my age would catch up to me but the work did not stop , I created lift equipment for my self both for at work and home . DSCN4086.JPG
    a crane for lifting things up stairs in the barn .
    one on my tool box at snow summit shop .
    One on my truck. and a few in the shop trailer . including fork lifts .
    I have an extension for the truck for lifting roofing onto the roof of the house , just paid off .
    It doesn't matter how often it gets used ,it is the fact it is there when I need it, and better than having to hire some one whom may or may not even be capable of doing the needed job. can you lift 1500 lbs ?
    It doesn't matter if it is only 50 lbs the machinery does the work not me.

    Knowing I'm getting older I did something to prep for it when I had the opportunity .
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