Detroit Gun Buy Back Results.

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    The Detroit Police Department gun buyback program netted 739 weapons today (8-30-2011) at Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit.

    Police said 376 handguns, 339 long guns and 24 assault rifles were turned in for $20,000 in cash and $8,175 in vouchers.

    Idiots were giving 20-25.00 for each non functioning guns. 50.00 for long guns and 100+ for assault rifles. Average price they paid for the guns was 38+ so that leads me to believe these were junk anyway.

    Hopefully they spent the money for ammo for the working firearms at home.

    Based on my back of the envelope calculations: 4-5 percent of the metro area population has a CCW. The population for the Metro area is 5,218,852. Let assume 1.5 pistols per permit holders ~ 352K LEGAL CCWs. It wouldn't be too far fetched to believe that maybe the same number have Permits but don't conceal carry so lets add 250K other pistols. Hell, lets assume that there are rifles and shot guns too. Let's say 500k of those. You know they are like Lay's potato chips, you can't have just one!

    Yeah those 739 are a huge dent in the Legally possessed 1 MILLION firearms in the area. W00t Bring on the Blue Helmets.[freedom]
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    These "Gun BUY-BACK" programs are just fuzzy feel-good nonsense to garner Brady-points. And just WHO is 'Buying Back'.....? The city/police/etc never owned these guns, so it ain't buying BACK anything. Did they do the proper Form 4473 transfers? Otherwise, these programs are ILLEGAL. But the FedGov gives them a pass, as it furthers their own agenda of disarming Mr. and Mrs America.
    Call a spade a spade - this is GUN CONTROL of the most ridiculous extreme. These people would be better off selling them at the local Pawnshop.
  3. BTPost

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    Well not actually... Federal Statutes do not prohibit direct Person to Person transactions, for any Class 1 Weapons, Short or Long Guns, as long as both parties reside in the SAME STATE, as the transaction is taking place. As long as either of the Persons are NOT FFLs, no 4473 need to be generated. Police Departments do not usually have FFLs, and therefore can do this sort of thing, on a limited basis, just as Gun Show Attendees, can buy and sell Class 1 Weapons to each other, and to vendors, that are NOT FFLs, with the stipulation that both parties are Residents of the State, where the Transaction is taking place.. This is just for the Federal Statutes. In many States, there are State Statutes, that denote State procedures, for any Class 1 Weapons transactions. I am not familiar with the Michigan State Statutes, if any that would hinder such transactions, and there might be some, or maybe not. .......
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    I just figure these folks are looking forward to a "Darwin Award"
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    Huuum. By definition possession of those is a major felony offense without the appropriate tax stamp(s).

    Wonder how they got the Feds to agree to the obvious amnesty . . . .

    Makes me think this is something the Justice department should be on like white on rice (pardon the color blind analogy). Not to mention BATF and the FBI.

    Say, isn't there some kind of Senate panel currently convened to look at illegal weapons being dealt with inappropriately?

    . . . I gotta be missing something here. [dunno]
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    Yea, the difference is the IDIOT writing the Story, doesn't know the difference between an "Assault Rifle" and an "Assault Weapon" as defined by ATF, in their Regulations, and By Federal Statutes, under which ATF Regulations are written. One is a Full-Auto, and or Select Fire Weapon, and classed as an NFA Weapon, where as the other is a Semi-auto version of the first, with specific features, that made it, unsaleable, when the Assault Weapons Ban "WAS" Federal Law. It is very common for "Talking Heads" and Newsies to get the two confused, when reporting on such stories. ..... YMMV.....
  7. Illini Warrior

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    what's interesting is when the cops run the serial numbers ...... when they do these guns for shoes by backs in Chicago ..... quite a few come back as stolen ......
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    There's a big difference in this and doing an F-t-F sale between citizens - legal here in sunny Florida. Say I go out and in one day 'buy' 700+ firearms.....
    The BATFE-men are gonna lock me up as an unlicensed 'dealer'. [beat]
  9. BTPost

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    Not if you only do it Once a Year, you only buy, and do NOT Sell, and are "serving a Public Need" as defined by the local Politicos.... This is totally in the discretion of the serving US Attorney for the area. The ATF doesn't decide who they are going to prosecute, they just investigate the facts, and present the case, to the US Attorney, who then goes before a Judge, or a Grand Jury, and gets a Warrant, or Indictment, Issued. Then you would have to get yourself a Lawyer, and defend yourself, the same as the Cops would have to do, if they were to run afoul of the local US Attorney. It has happened BEFORE, and can happen AGAIN..... the only person you NEVER want to cross, besides a US Attorney, is a US Marshal.
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    I recall a gun buy back program several years back.Virginia was giving $200.00 back for semi-auto "assault" rifles. A local guy went and bought 10 Chinese SKS rifles for $60.00 each(That has been many years ago,lol) from a Roses department store, drove to VA. and made a tidy little profit...Made out like a bandit.
  11. VisuTrac

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    Or you could be like some peeps I know that were planning on going down there and make offers to purchase to those going to participate. ;)

    Yes in MI FTF is legal. Except for pistols the purchaser has to have a CCW or purchase permit.

    Idiots around here say Assault Rifle for any EBR in semi auto. I'm surprised you need a college degree to be a reporter sometimes.

    If anyone had a FA, there is no way they'd turn it in.
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  13. ditch witch

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    A piece of history that her dad brought back, and she tosses it to the shredder for a hundred bux.
  14. Illini Warrior

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    later reports said the cops gave the gun back to her so she could make a legit sale to a collector ..... something like $45k

    some hospital, conducting a gun by back, saved a history piece from the furnaces .... a japanese WW2 rare rifle .... they donated it to a museum .... amazed me, didn't think those liberal arses had enough sense to do the correct thing
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