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    Solitary man

    [​IMG]Six years ago, Glendale Stewart took a look at the world around him and decided to drop out of it. He quit working, bought an empty plot of land at a city auction, parked an old trailer on it, built a wood privacy fence around it and made it his home.
    He lives in a run-down part of the east side, where grassy fields fill long spaces between old houses. It’s the perfect place for someone to leave it all while going nowhere, to live a frontier life in a part of the city that’s gone rural in spots, to step away from society while still living in the middle of it.
    “This trailer here is just as good as any house,” says Stewart, a short, skinny 49-year-old. “It’s small, portable, easy to clean, easy to take care of. I had a house and I had a handful. I’m one person; I don’t need all that.”
    He’s immune to power outages, indifferent to rising utility costs, oblivious to gas prices. He has no plumbing to bring water, no gas lines, no electric or cable wires streaming to his place. Mail never arrives because he gets no bills. He has no car, only a bike. He is on his own, under the radar, outside everyday concerns.
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    Now that is awesome, 'specialy doing this in rual Detroit.
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    Tango3, yeah top-find mate
    I also saw this on the other site you gave in Ran Prieur's site, i found it a fascinating read for two reasons:
    1) as Route-Clearance stated especially "doing this in rural Detroit"
    2) This man has taken himself off the map more-or-less completely, he potters about doing odd jobs and keeps himself to the city, he has done his bike and trailers up to be able to do a bit of work, and so on

    Very good!!
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    he doesn't get laid anymore, by the looks of it and if you want to buy rural land in downtown detroit, I would be happy to help for a small fee.
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    Women are trouble...
    Men would be gross....
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