Detroit is the new Compton

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Been this way for well over a decade. But homicide (justified or not) total is actually down from previous years. The rate per capita may be up but that's just because we've lost what 300K+ people from the city (ones that left to find jobs in other states)

    Wait until this summer when the governor appoints an emergency manager. If the dolt cuts the police/fire department. THEN we got a problem.

    Other than that, Just another day in Murder city USA. oops, Motor City.
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    I can see the government telling the wealthier neighborhoods that they can no longer purchase private protection anymore. Telling them that that money shouldbe going to local PD's so that the entire city can feel safe.

    Obama would say "Safety is a right and it should be equal for all"
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    Erm, In most cases the police do not protect people, Property maybe but not people. They uphold the laws. The respond after the fact.

    Last time I saw the police in Michigan protecting was when Obama was making a thunder run down the free way. We couldn't use any of the overpasses / underpasses. Some one was being protected but it wasn't us.

    We are all responsible for our own protection.

    When trouble is about to happen in seconds, the police are minutes away.

    Police investigate, and apprehend the perpetrators (in the best case) and retain them until there can be a trial. But it's all after the fact. That's just the way it is.

    If people want the 'STATE' to protect them, then they are going to be giving up a lot of freedom and liberty to get it. In return they will have neither protection, nor freedom nor liberty.

    my 2 copper clads
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    I agree...and for one I do not trust most LEO. Maybe I am just cynical but my sister in law (who is a cop) puts it this way. Half the Cops you meet are the greatest people ever...but then there's the other half, and you have to be careful.
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    Fixed :)

    At least thats been what I've seen of those from Detroit who currently live in my hood.
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    I remember seeing a video several years ago of a man being beaten in a store while shoppers went about their business. Made me think of that move "Four Brothers". However, Detroit gets good points for having the Wings.
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    Too true

    The Superbowl Chrysler commercial (Or PSA) was filmed in New Orleans for both cost and safety reasons.
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    You know it's sad when they film in the former murder capital of the world for safety reasons.
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