DHS and the TSA are keeping you down

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Dec 17, 2011.

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    DHS and the TSA and the TPTB are keeping you down through the use of fear.

    It's working on congress critters, our president, a vast majority of the young LEO's and the sheeple.

    Here is how they do it.
    They yell Terror Alert, Terrorist Attack or Plot.

    Everyone runs in fear, stress levels rise.

    OMG I could died if we don't :
    pass a law
    restrict freedoms
    supply security

    Yes, 9-11 was tragic. There were many lives lost that day. The little terrorists struck a blow to the American Psyche.

    But that day the big terrorists gained the upper hand. Our government passed a number of laws, rules and regulations that took away our freedom for the false sense of security. A truly committed actor can and will be able to go undetected and strike first every single time. Our government and law enforcement agencies can do precious little except react after the fact.

    Why do I seem so nonchalant regarding terrorism? Don't I worry about dying in violent manner such as a car bomb attack. Or in a plane hijacking? Or even having a bomb possibly in the cargo hold of the plane i'm riding on? A biological attack at the football game?


    I have no control over those situations. Worrying about that would just cause the stress to destroy my health.

    It also helps that I like math and statistics.

    Did you know that you are
    50X more likely to die of a heart attack.
    9X more likely to die of Aids/HIV
    5X more likely to die in a car crash
    4X more likely to commit suicide
    3x more likely to die from Cirrhosis of the liver
    2x more likely to die from a fall or drowning
    You are more likely to die of an STD !!

    Than die in this war on terror. (world wide)

    It kind of puts things in perspective.

    I'm more worried about our government and the laws they are passing (that destroy our God given rights and freedoms) to protect us from terrorists.
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  2. Redneck Rebel

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    If only it were that easy to line my pockets and ensure my own job security.
  3. Alpha Dog

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    I agree 100% VisuTrac if it's my time the only one who will no will be God and no law, or no man will be able to prevent it. The only thing they are trying to do is make us die slave's to the Goverment rather than die a free man. I got new's for them I bow to no man only to my God and I will die just as free as I was born.
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    "You might be a terrorist if......."

    You are a member of the United States Senate.
    You are a member of the United States House of Representatives.
    You are an ineligible "Puppet President" of the Unted States of America.

    THESE are the Homegrown Terrorists I worry about - they have the power and ability to really hurt us.

    Dang, I'll bet I just got put on ANOTHER list..........

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  5. squiddley

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    Once power is seized it is very rarely given back. Our fore fathers are rolling over in their graves.
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