DHS and Walmart, This is priceless

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Joseph Thomas, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Well I'm definatly boycotting wal-mart, target. I'll get my groceries elsewhere anything else i need I'll hit Kmart.
  3. CRC

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    I hate LOATHE Walmart...I never go there unless I absolutely have to and can't find what I need anywhere else..or can't wait for it to ship if I have to shop on the net...They're horrid.
  4. ghrit

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    The worst part, by far, of wallyworld is the creatures that wander in the aisles. (SHUDDER!!)
  5. Hispeedal2

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    The hell with Wal-Mart. Boycott the Department of Homeland Security. ;)
  6. fireplaceguy

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    A lot of people don't like Michael Savage, but I find him refreshing. We should all be yelling and screaming as loud as he does about everything that's happening. If we were, I suspect less would be going against us.

    Savage is exactly right that Nappy let illegals swarm across the Arizona border, and it's no accident that an ass like her became head of DHS. That's because DHS has NOTHING to do with homeland security.

    The sad thing is, there's really nowhere left to shop that isn't complicit in the rising police state. All the same, screw wallythirdworld and to hell with Nappy.
  7. Hispeedal2

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    Agreed. She is a moron.

    DHS was a knee jerk reaction to what I believe was a legitimate problem (at the time). The biggest issue with creating this beast is what is it's role? Of course, the biggest factor in that fight is funding. The more DHS can "claim", the more $$ it gets.

    Learning from the past... that's how places like Ruby Ridge and Waco ended up on all our maps. This moron would do the same thing, but I believe public opinion has kept her in check to date. Think about how quickly the report on veterans was downplayed.

    Fighting the external threat is tough, even though that is what DHS was originally created for (stepping on the toes of other agencies). Fighting the South border hurts votes for the Demmys. You don't want your appointer to be voted out. Of course, that really only leaves one other group to target...


    Luckily, public sentiment is against new forms of 9-11 invasion into the lives of Americans. Fringes will be targeted periodically (Michigan Christians come to mind).

    This whole agency could wiped away by simply opening up agency communications.
  8. BAT1

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    Just what Hitler did, turned neighbors on each other. Alex called them today, got the Atlanta field office, and turned in the Administration for terrorism. The officer in charge still gave the e-mail to do so. This not about security. The only people they bust are patsies they coach to try to blow up some thing with a bomb that doesn't work. Shoes then under wear, next it will be a colon device. This about preconditioning the masses for Satanic indoctrination. Absolute BS!
    Walmart goes to a company and asks, how much can you make that for? They say 5 bucks. Walmart says we'll give you 3.50. In order to get their business, they have to outsource the product to China made from inferior materials and it breaks within one year. Buy American made products!
  9. Seawolf1090

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    Janet Incompetano has taken an agency that began as a fairly good idea (co-ordinate the efforts of many disparate agencies to maximise efficiency) and with the kenyan's blessing has morphed it into the goose-stepping New Gestapo it has become.
    Now, instead of protecting The People against Terrorism, they look upon We The People as latent Terrorists, while doing utterly nothing to protect our nation's borders. These FedGov ninnies need to be given their pinkslips....... all the way up to The Whitehouse. maddd
  10. Joseph Thomas

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    Yeah, You have to question what happened when an agency was created to basically combat muslim terrorism puts out reports that list returning veterans, constitutionalists. anti abortion folk, strong border folks, etc. as domestic extremists and threats to our homeland security. I sometimes feel like I'm living in a dream and there is no way in hell that this can actually be taking place. The denial of reality just amazes me. If I hear George Bush, Barack Obama or any other d__khead talk about Islam as the "Religion of Peace" I am going to vomit. I don't think anyone can equate cutting off someone's head with peace. So now I have TSA agents groping my 85 year old mother when she flies. She had cancer and beat it, but was advised to not get any extra radiation. She likes to fly once a year to see her grandson because she can't drive. And because our government is too chicken**** to target the right people, she gets rolled into this BS security umbrella. This ain't right and neither is .GOV propaganda messages as you go through the cash register at WallyWorld.
  11. BAT1

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    All they have to do is use dogs at the airport, they don't need to put people in the microwaves. This is all about selling more microwave units, which Chertoff's clients want.
  12. Wild Trapper

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    If you see anything at Walmart that looks suspicious, what a hoot. [beat] Everything about Walmart is suspicious.[lolol]
  13. Seawolf1090

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    Most Wal-Marts tend to be full of Illegal Aliens on the weekends..... yeah, see what happens if you report THEM! [own2]
  14. fireplaceguy

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    Actually, that's exactly what we should be doing. I'm going to start asking spanish speaking customers at wallyworld if they're here legally! If they act funny, I'll call every agency I can think of. And, I'll be sure to report to the store manager as well, to tie up company time.

    Let's start a REAL homeland security campaign, at every WalMart we can! Take names, and demand responses. Follow through, keep at it, and make them regret their hypocrisy.
  15. BTPost

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    I guess that I have a different view than some here.... If anyone (Except a LEO, who Identified him/herself with a valid Credential) came up to 'Me" in a store, (the nearest WallyWorld is 65 air miles away) and asked "Me or mine" to "Prove" I was a US Citizen, I would walk away, and ignore them. If they choose to follow "Me or mine" , repeating the question, I would be seriously considering taking them DOWN, on a Citizens Arrest for Harassment, which is a Gross Misdemeanor here. There are things that I will put up with and things that just cross the LINE, and it is NOT the job of citizens to make others PROVE their Citizenship. This is exactly why when I do travel, outside the Neighborhood, I take my US Passport with "Me". It PROVES I am a US Citizen, and has my Picture, Birthdate, Place of Birth, and Physical Description, HOWEVER, it does NOT give anyone who sees it, my place of Residence, or any OTHER Information, about "Me". That is ALL any Official needs to know about "Me", PERIOD. unless I chose to inform them further, which is at MY discretion. I believe in MY PERSONAL Freedom, and I extend that Right, to everyone I meet, PERIOD, BUT if YOU cross that LINE, then you MUST be prepared for the consequences of YOUR Actions. The way I see it, you can NOT have it both ways.... either you are FOR Personal Freedom, or you are against Personal Freedom... YMMV....
  16. Wild Trapper

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    [freedom] That's the way I see it too. If you actually see a crime being committed, (other than the ridiculous way people dress etc.), report it and let the authorities handle it. Now if they are trying to commit that crime against you, I hope you are able to handle it.

    OTT, if you don't like the language people speak at Wal*Mart, don't shop there, boycott the store. I've been shopping around, even the net for alternatives. Doesn't mean I won't shop there too, just that I don't look there first. If I'm stuck with buying something made in China, I may as well look around and see where I can get the best deal.
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