dhs datamining worse than reported

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Mar 22, 2008.

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    A guy by the name of John Gilmore petitioned the DHS through the FOIA and received his file. It contained the title of a book he was reading and the fact that his pocket flashlight had a marijuana leaf on it. Yes, that is correct, apparently the DHS wants to know not only where your flying to and from, they also want to know what you're reading when you do!

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    Well that's sure pertinent data useful for preventing a hijack/Airborn terrorism...More evidence This whole thing is bs...or the people involved get voyeuristic pleasure and have no intention to restrict their info gathering. Like the Obama passport files thing making the news today.
    A state dept employee in a training session was to enter any name into the system, for practice, instead of "grandma" he enters "obama" and gets access to the files...This gets out and with lots of tinfoil theories attached. Now wait; actually All 3 candidates were accessed so "Its okay", no conspiracy! Of course neatly covering your tracks does not do away with any info gained.
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    Now does this make you feel all warm and fuuzzzy inside!!!
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    Yup, I for one am sure glad that the government is spending my tax dollars keeping a watch on people's literary choices. The next time we have a terrorist attack (which they'll fail to stop of course) they'll be sure to cross check with the library and flag anyone who checked out the same books as the "terrorists."
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    Maybe they'll miraculously find an unscarred book lying next to an unscarred passport in the rubble this time , hit the data base and hello: "joe smith" ( aka abdul the camel lover")of Sykesville md will popup!
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    lol, what if they check out some good old fashioned Americana. Like Huck finn, or tom sawyer? I'd love to see those books on a Terrorist Watch list. Wait! Even better, Copies of The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
    Those should be on a Terrorist Watch list.
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    Anyone that likes either of those documents well enough to carry them while traveling HAS to be subversive. [booze]Taze 'em, taser1 take 'em to Gitmo. "You are clearly unpatriotic, citizen, go to your cell." [troll]
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    I wish I knew where the video was so I could link it, but that actually came close to happening. Police had checkpoints for no real reason and were asking people for identification, reason for travel, etc and a woman had leaflets about the constitutional rights of Americans and refused to produce her "papers." Well, long story short, she got an education on what her rights were today in the new Amerika.
  10. Tango3

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    I like that idea!!!
    travel Paperz?
    here's my g****d*** papers, nazi ("We the people..."):shock:[beat][beat][beat][beat]taser1taser1taser1taser1taser1taser1taser1
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