DHS employee promotes ethnic cleansing

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    A department of homeland security employee... in fact one of the employees responsible for buying billions of rounds of ammo is promoting the ethnic cleansing of whites.
    On his website http://www.waronthehorizon.com he encourages blacks to take arms and kill all whites.
    (The site is down now... It can be due to curiosity and heavy traffic or the feds)
    The dhs employee has not lost his job yet.
    I'm asking everyone to tread lightly in this thread and be an adult about things. However, I'd like your opinion on the implications of this. If a race war were to happen, how would it affect you? Obviously our government was aware of this site. What does it mean that this employee is still employed?
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    The masters of deceit have long funded not only the nation they intended to destroy, but the perceived enemy as well, often steering wars from both sides. The domestic war we are facing against the .GOV machine is no different. The racial struggle and perceived conflict is designed to do one thing above any other: to kill the right wing white patriot. There are "beneficial" side effects for the establishment, too. The racial fighting may very well warrant additional gun confiscations. What better way to get rid of an enemy than to create another enemy to do your fighting for you? Now, this is all my own rhetoric, this isn't based on any official documentation (as far as I know), but I haven't been wrong yet.

    And we cannot forget the Mexican race war which is constantly growing in support. Yes, the white man is going to face a serious fight if this plays through. Let's hope it doesn't. All we are waiting for is a catalyst, another Rodney King event.
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    If anyone wants to look at a cached Google copy, here's the link for the main site.

    You can also simply search Google for waronthehorizon.com and then choose the cached copy (from the tiny down arrow next to the URL).

    This is the first I've heard of this site and the associated movement if it can even be called that, I don't know. At first glance, it looks like a smaller analog to the KKK. It's full of hate speech and "Us vs. Them" and is, in my opinion, the rantings of one or more seriously disturbed individuals. Why do I say disturbed, for the same reason I say the same thing about the KKK.

    We are ALL members of the HUMAN RACE and so there is NO SUCH THING as the "White Race", "Black Race", "Afrikan Race", etc. There are different ethnicities (sp?) but there is only ONE race of PEOPLE on this planet.

    ANY person of ANY ethnicity who feels that they are the "master race" needs our pity. Then again, so does a rabid dog. Before it was poisoned it was probably not so full of hate and anger and loathing of everyone, not just those not of its kind. ETHNICISM (because this is not racism) is sick and wrong, in all its forms, including this example, the KKK, Germany under Hitler (he co-opted the Nazi party but it could have just as easily been the other), Affirmative Action, they are all based on the concept of ETHNOCENTRIC bias.

    Implications of this? I don't think it will amount to anything. Without knowing how popular the website is I can't say whether or not their sentiments are shared by many.

    If things come unglued, I'm not going to single out one ethnicity or another when it comes to me vs. them. I live in a very ethnically diverse neighborhood: Asian, Hispanic, ACTUAL Mexican, Black (not trying to be insensitive but that's what MY NEIGHBOR refers to himself as so hey, goose/gander), Scandinavian, Caucasian, Pacific Islander...I think that covers just about everyone (European, English, what-have you is NOT an ethnicity). If I have to defend myself I'll do so based on the threat to me and mine, not the color of someone's skin. I'd put down "whitey" just as quickly as I'd put down anyone else, period.
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    Well, I ain't so sure we don't actually have two races on the planet. Homo Sapiens and homo stupidus. Color is immaterial, both come in all colors.
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    And now that the definition of "Race" and "Ethnicity" are well established and we are all content with the proper application for the "human race", perhaps we can also spend some time focusing on the war at hand, and how we are being used. :p

    I cannot fault anybody for wanting to make the use of words important and accurate, but we can do far better. After all, by our silence, with our indifference, we are essentially agreeing with the establishment. They use legalese, which is legal terminology only THEY have the right to define, interpret and read. They define a "person" as a fictional corporation, and since birth when you were "registered", your physical body became chattel property to be used as collateral on a FIAT based monetary system which would collapse without your corporate fiction "person" being traded like stock amongst the corporate cartels and their investors. You are slaves, each and every one. Governments are merely private corporations, and your fictional "person" is enslaved, on bended knees --property of Slavery, Inc. forever.

    You want to be free? Realize RIGHT NOW that EVERYTHING is fake. Especially freedom.
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    Can I double like that^^^
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    John Birch Society / Tea Party
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    In my opinion, most everyone is avoiding the elephant in the room. If a white person working for DHS had a web site advocating this of blacks there would be an unholy uproar for his firing, and his death.
    Why do we ignore for the most part and thus condone the actions of a racist fanatic just because he is black.
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    "Give, to the united negro foundation......, give to a black college near you.....because a (black) mind is a terrible thing to waste"

    I quite sure you have heard these slogans, I know I have. Yet substitute the color issue, and you would be Lynched. I can't start a united white people fund, give to a white college near me, or even start a program for the advancement of white people, so why can they? A group beating by whites is a hate crime by skinheads, but by blacks the same action is a justification for past wrongs and a cultural thing. Just a misunderstanding. I am sick of it. I refuse to accept thug behavior from anyone because of race. And that includes government.:(
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    If I had the money, I'd sell arms to both sides. I'd be filthy, stinking, reecccccchhhhhhh! Muahahahahahaha!
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