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Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by VisuTrac, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Dang Visu, when I read the title I though you were talking about someone from Nine Inch Nails, LOL.

    Edit: After reading the articles there is nothing funny about this.
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  4. VisuTrac

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    Yep, that's why it's in tinfoil hat land. I hope it's tinfoil.
    if not, bad news.
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    I have what I refer to as my conspiracy fuckit-buckit. I read things. Some off the wall, some not. I place items in this bucket that I cannot flat out prove or disprove by presence or absence of hard evidence but are also in the realm of viable given a personal context that I can't explain, other than "gut feeling". When I seem to be pulling more items out of this bucket than putting in, I start to scratch my head.

    Example: Someone told me about FEMA camps a long time ago, back when I first started waking up. I put that shit in my bucket. When evidence came out about their existence, I pulled it out of the bucket. Then I heard all sorts of stuff about what they're going to be used for.. the 10 sectors of the USA etc etc.. I put those items in the bucket. But because those items were attached to a previously removed item, those items were placed closer to the top.

    When I read this article, I perked. I can't say why, but I found out something that pertains to me and some other people that I know, that while probably not all that uncommon for us preppers because of what we are labeled as, was highly relevant to the article. However, it only validated a small part of that article. Remembering that the best lies or deceptions are made with the most truth, I place this article on the top of the bucket.
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    Nothing really new here. Most of you know that this oldawg is one big fan of the tin foil hat. Heck I had one for each day of the week and a Sunday best one too. In truth I traded in my tin foil hat for a steel pot in the early nineties. Too many things started to line up twenty years ago to just ignore. It can't all be fiction. Too much of it is straight out of recorded and proven history with only names and dates changed to reflect the present times. The thing is that it all seems to be speeding up now and I don't see it stopping. Maybe this nation has already lost control of it's own destiny or maybe we still have a chance,I don't know. But I don't intend to just hooch up and hunker waiting for the all clear. There are still enough of us who believe living free should not be just an idea. Resistance is futile? Maybe, but I'm just to hard headed to accept chains.
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    Well, if true, now you know what all the ammo was for.....
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    What I REALLY want to know is where the DHS storage buildings are. Restocking for the good guys while taking away from the bad guys. Plus, everything they have was bought with our tax dollars or their illegal money printing press. So in the words of the great Emperor Zero this is just a redistribution of the .goob wealth back to the deserving people.
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