Di Blasi Portable, Folding Motorbikes! Never be stranded!

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    Jim Rawles at www.survivalblog.com recently suggested that Safecastle get hooked up with the North American distributor of the famous Italian folding motorbike--the Di Blasi R7E.

    I looked into it and found that the distributor and I could mutually agree the fit was perfect. Folding motorbikes that can be stowed in a car trunk, on an RV, boat, or plane, or under a desk ... talk about being prepared!

    Fact is, we are now the only web-based Folding Motorbikes, Inc. dealer in North America!

    Until or unless we move the DiBlasi to a separate website, which is what we are considering, buyers club discounts of 20% apply, not to mention FREE shipping to the continental United States.

    So if this is of interest, the time to get your best price online is right now:
    https://safecastleroyal.com/displayProductDocument.hg?productId=244&categoryId =58

    By the way, we've still got a few more really cool developments in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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