Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

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    Ok, it's official now. A few weeks ago I had a biopsy done and there are 2 areas that tested positive. I went to a radiation oncologist yesterday and he took me through a presentation of different kinds and severity of prostate cancer and treatment for them. Seems my best treatment option is radiation beam treatment. Bummer since it's 5 days a week for 8 weeks plus doing some meds to shrink prostate and kill off testerone 2 months prior to starting the radiation treatment. Complete treatment will include follow up for 2.5 years. I sure could use some prayers, especially considering the doctor is 3 hours away from our main residence and where I work.
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    Prayers indeed headed your way. Sorry I can't say more. My history with friends and loved ones with cancer has not been that great.
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    Sorry for your troubles. Prayers and best wishes for a good outcome.
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    [ditto] [ditto] [biggrouphug] [biggrouphug]
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  5. Knee Mail sent.
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    Got it! on the way.
    We've had Good luck on cancer. Mostly in the Decades department.

    Catch it early, don't fight the meds, sleep and relax, help your body fight this disease..
    Get signed up for Family Leave and take it easy on your self.
    If need be do the SS Disability ASAP and draw some of what you've paid in.
    Prayers for you.
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    Prayers and well wishes sent ,,, keep us updated .
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    Sad to hear this and hope it was caught early enough for treatment. Prayers sent for a complete and speedy recovery.
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    Get Well Soon.
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  10. Sapper John

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    Praying for you and your family!
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  11. Yard Dart

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    Praying for your quick recovery..... a positive mindset and faith will carry a long way.
    We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers daily!!!!
  12. Merkun

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    The three guys I know that had it are fully recovered, including ALL functions. Best of luck with it, and I hope you found it early enough like they did to reduce the risk.
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  13. Zimmy

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    Praying now
  14. snake6264

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    Hold fast and stay strong
  15. chelloveck

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    Am sorry to hear of your predicament TX. That will be an arduous road to travel for you, and your family for sure. I hope that it has been detected early enough for treatment to be effective.

    I am no doctor, but the medicos will use what is available in their arsenal of treatments to deal with the pathology, but the rest is up to you in getting the most out of it. You are an active participant, or ought to be, in your own recovery.
    Moderate exercise, nutritious diet, and maintaining a positive attitude about your situation are all helpful in enabling your body to deal with the C, and the negative impacts of the treatment on your body.

    Much of the battle against your foe will be inside your own mind...building up your defences in that arena will be vital to your survival.

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) may be appropriate in helping deal with anxiety and/or depression which are sometimes experienced as a consequence of diagnosis and treatment. There are self administered CBT techniques which one can use without necessarily relying on a CBT therapist / practitioner.
    (PDF) Cognitive-behaviour therapy in cancer treatment

    Some folk find meditation and mindfulness helpful in minimising the impacts of treatment on their psyche / sense of self... They can be practiced without a yoga mat: That said, some find the meditative exercise of yoga (with or without a yoga mat) also helpful, without needing to become a Buddhist convert.;)

    Mindful Meditation for People with Cancer
    Meditation | Complementary and Alternative therapies | Cancer Research UK
    How Mindfulness Helped Me Cope With Cancer
    https://www.ascopost.com/issues/july-10-2018/mindfulness-in-cancer-care/#targetText=Results show promise for mindfulness,improve overall quality of life.&targetText=Much of this work has been conducted with breast cancer survivors.

    Some find that the stoic philosophers have useful things to say concerning living the good / virtuous life in the face of adversity...
    Stoicism And Coping With Brain Cancer: An Interview With Jonathan Church
    Why Stoicism is one of the best mind-hacks ever devised | Aeon Essays
    “Stoicism and Illness” and “Stoic Resilience versus Stoic Virtue” by Carmelo Di Maria

    Start developing resilience now...for the next couple of years while under treatment there may come times when you may be knocked down...physically and/or psychologically...Gird your loins with the armour of resilience to enable you to get yourself back up an even keel when those events do occur....


    I commend to you reading Victor Frankel's book "Man's Search for Meaning"....

    Best wishes to you, your family and your supporters. You will all be important to one another, and each will need to be cared for along the journey your life is now taking.

    Cheers from chell.(y)
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  17. Ura-Ki

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    DAMN, this sucks! Prayers!

    Please take my advice here; CBD oils with THC will help you, High concentrations of Stevia Blend CBD is the most effective, and you will want the THC! Message me if you would like more info, glad to share my experience helping my Mom fight cancer!
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  18. Dont

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    You are on the schedule for a daily dose of healing prayer from my AO!!
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  19. Wildbilly

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    Prayers and best wishes.
  20. Tempstar

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    Prayers sent and good luck hoped for.
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