Diagnostic Tool For Your PC (DXDIAG) Win/Linux

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    Windows users: Open the command console (Win key+R) and type dxdiag (enter)

    A screen will pop up, displaying your system details. You can choose to export a .txt file for the dxdiag utility.

    Linux Users: Open console and navigate to the directory you wish to have the file exported. A "specs.html" file will appear in this directory after you run the following command:

    sudo lshw -html > specs.html

    What is this function used for? It's very useful when you need to find out specifics about your system, from memory to hardware and CPU, typically so you can relay this information or find suitable matching components.

    These pictures are not of my own system, but reflect what you will find when you run these utilities.

    DirectX Diagnostic Tool.JPG

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