dial 911 for beer???

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    sadly that pretty much is the state of affairs here in Maine
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    I think that is sadly the state of any 911 system in the U.S. Used and abused by the masses. I have had to use 911 2 times for an emergency (both for my wife) First time I was on hold for about 5 min while my wife was screaming in pain (she was rear-ended, made it home, then her back started to hurt), second time I was on hold for close to 10 min while my wife lay unconscious on the floor for unknown reasons. Turns out she had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured her tube and she was bleeding internally).

    I'd say fine the hell out of anybody calling for trivial information (find out the score of the football game, what the lotto numbers were, etc), but then they prolly couldn't afford the fines anyway and they'd just go unpaid.
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    Here In Scottsdale, ( Snobs'dale) as we all call it...
    The previous Mayor, Sam Campanack( sp?)
    Called 911 numerous times as she was LOST while driving around the city!
    After about 30 of those calls she was TOLD finally that she was NOT to use 911 again for that purpose!
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