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    I was talking with my brother today.
    We had started out talking about lord knows what, but somehow, the subject veered around to man-made diamonds. You know, for a whole lot of years, the technology has been around to creat genuine gemstone quality diamonds. Recently, hard as it may be to believe, I explained to him, there's a company who can even make diamonds out of the carbon in your cremated body.

    "Seriously, bro, they can take your ashes and make diamonds."

    "All that's left when you are cremated is some metallic carbonates. they take your ashes and put them into a sealed retort, and when it's heated over 1,000 degrees, the oxygen is cooked out of the carbonates. The extract the metals afterwards with use of acids, and wind up with really pure carbon, and that's what they make the diamonds out of."

    "When you die, these guys could extract enough carbon from your body to make about 160 1/2 carat diamonds. Wouldn't it be cool as hell to have those diamonds made into a 100 tooth diamond concrete saw?"

    Well, something about that bothered him.

    "Why make a saw out of those diamonds? sounds kinda stupid to waste them like that. Couldn't you make a bracelet or something?"

    "Nahh, it makes all the sense in the world to to me to turn whatever is left of you into a saw blade or a bunch of diamond pointed drill bits. You've been a complete tool all your life. Why should that change just cause you're dead?
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