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    there are tears.
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    I have had many moments of crying since this started or when I became aware of it. I know what is at stake here. Our country is on the verge of going off the edge or waking up. @Taku posts all of the update videos. God Bess Him.
    Hubby walks in, "Are you crying again?"
    Larry Pratt just said that Paul Revere would probably already be riding.
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    "There’s a man who contacts me several times a week to disagree with my assessments of the American police state. According to this self-avowed Pollyanna who is tired of hearing “bad news,” the country is doing just fine, the government’s intentions are honorable, anyone in authority should be blindly obeyed, those individuals who are being arrested, shot and imprisoned must have done something to deserve such treatment, and if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t care whether the government is spying on you.

    In other words, this man trusts the government with his life, his loved ones and his property, and anyone who doesn’t feel the same should move elsewhere."

    I'm sorry, I couldn't read this article. I got to the part above and was laughing/crying so hard I was afraid I might pass out if I read any more. What is unfortunate is I KNOW people who feel this way. Oh they know SOMETHING is wrong, but Officer Shoot First And Ask Questions Later is our friend, we can vote and that makes ALL the difference (they wouldn't let us vote if it DID make a difference which Over Lord we elected every four years), etc., etc. The stupid revel in their stupidity and attack anyone who actually knows the truth and drive any signs of itelligence away. Like trying to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and the pig doesn't want to learn to sing anyway.
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    What sickens Me, is someone who avowes to Believe in the Constitution, yet advocates stripping a Citizen, of their First Amendment Rights, of FREE Speech, just because they do NOT like the Speech of that Citizen... That goes against EVERYTHING, I stand for and believe in....

    There are other ways to deal with such people, that denying them, their Costitutional Rights... Ridicule, Public denunciation, would seem to be a much better method...
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    @Legion489, I know people like that. We have some in our families. They trust anyone from the government. The ONLY thing we can do with them is pray for them, and I tell them so.
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    32 minutes ago

    Self-appointed 'judge' arrives in Burns to ask local residents to charge government officials with crimes
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    Read what I wrote... Nothing in what I wrote, condones what the fellow did, it only decrys, that some Folks, pay lip service, to the Constitution, but advocate stripping others of those Rights, because they do NOT like the way others use those Rights... That to me is hypocrisy... In the extreme... As I Stated, there are OTHER Methods of dealing with that issue, than what was advocated above...
    You either Uphold the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for Every Citizen, or YOU do NOT.... There is NO Half Way.... Once you start Picking, and Choosing, who gets to exercise, which RIGHTS, You are already sliding Down that Very Steep Slippery Slope...
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    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Those who do learn from history are doomed to watch it happen.
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    "Read what I wrote... Nothing in what I wrote, condones what the fellow did, it only decrys, that some Folks, pay lip service, to the Constitution, but advocate stripping others of those Rights,... "

    The problem with that comment is the Constitution and Bill of Rights grants you NOTHING! It only said that you ALREADY HAVE GOD GIVEN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS and the gov't CAN NOT take them away, unless of course you CONSENT, which everyone who gets a gov't check, DL, etc. has already done.
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    Again, my Statements said NOTHING about "Granting of Rights" only that some Folks would like to "Take away, some Citizens Rights, because they do NOT like how those others use their God Given Rights" Hypocrisy, is EXACTLY what that is... AGAIN, Read what I wrote, Not What you think it means...
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    As far as the medal thing, they overturned a guy's conviction under the 2005 law as he didn't benefit from his wearing unearned medals. Only the newest, 2012 I think, references gaining benefits. However isn't gaining attention, by wearing unearned medals, gaining benefits? If you didn't earn it, why try to wear it? Still a POS if you ask me.
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    Although I agree that people who wear military medals and other things like uniform items they did not earn are frickin posers if they are not gaining from it there is nothing in the law that prohibits it. I agree that it is protected free speech even though it makes me sick to see it. One thing that I will mention though there are times that these YouTube videos of calling out fakers has gone too far. There has been an actual vets accused of stolen valor (one here in PA that was pretty sad) by people looking to make a good YouTube video. One former marine was beaten up by another vet who that he was faking. If someone seems like a faker I usually just ask a few basic questions and form my own opinion and keep it to myself. As long as they aren't getting any financial benefits from faking then it's between them and their God and conscience.
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