Did I make a mistake?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by atlantamike, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Hello all, I am Atlantamike and I am new to the board. I came across the board while looking for information on a problem.
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    I just bought a HI-Power 9mm at a resent gun show. I stood back and listened to the sales pitch and to other interested parties exchanging info about the weapon. Everyone seemed to be a happy owner or would be sales person to their friends.

    Once the crowd thinned I stepped up and spoke to the gun shop owner and made my purchase.

    I took the weapon home and put it away because I was going to be busy for a couple days and wanted to put my full attention to things. I own 2 38's but this is my first Lugar type weapon.

    I took the weapon out of the box read through the instructions and then began to play with the weapon. I removed the 8 cartridge clip that came with the gun and put it back. I tried the slid to get its feel and checked out the lock supplied.
    I then removed the clip again and it was then I heard clicking and clacking from inside the clip housing. When I moved the gun this way or that the rattle began. I turned it over and shook it. I noticed a part flopping around. I check the paperwork and it was shown as the counter weight.
    I had planned to try the weapon out at the range so I figured I would ask the guys at the shop.

    Well after the first room full of laughter when I opened the case the owned picked up the gun and shook it. He looked at his partner and he heard it as well. I told the part causing the commotion and they said they have not heard or seen of this.
    They went on a bit and called their instructor who looked at it and said he did not think this part should move. He then followed up with if you want to attend class you can use this weapon empty, but you can not shoot it in my class. I asked, because of the issue? He said no because they fall apart in your hands. He then said there is a reason Glock is $500 or more and this one is not. You get what you pay for.

    I returned home and fired off an E mail to company relaying this same story. That was 12 days ago and I have still not gotten a response. I was given a number to the 9mm tech support for the company. I have left 2 messages. No response.

    Here is my question. Did I get a defective weapon or did I buy from a defective company? I have gone to another gun shop in my area and they had the same reaction to gun, do not believe the part should move and the weapon will not be allowed to be fired in any class inside or out.

    I see posts showing people love them. I see posts that show problems and folks have had to go to local gunsmiths. What about the life time warranty? I am not seeing or hearing anything good about this weapon or the company.

    Did I make a mistake with this purchase?

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    for starters the Browning Hi-Power is not a "luger type" weapon. Not even close.

    Next, any gun shop that says you should have bought a Glock as a blanket statement is a place you want to put in your rear view mirror and never even get close to again. For a whole laundry list of reasons.

    In fact, IF this is actually a Browning Hi-Power (I have my doubts as they do not use a "counter weight") I would contact Browning **** immediately **** relay this story in detail to them and ask what you should do.

    Otherwise, you may want to post some detailed pictures of this pistol so it can possibly (probably) be accurately identified.[beer]
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    Show us some pictures or give the name of the company.

    I'm guessing you used "Luger" because you have a 9mm and it might have Luger on the barrel. Anyway, sometimes "parabellum" and "luger" are used on the boxes (e.g., 9mm parabellum, or 9mm luger).

    You probably don't have a "Luger."

    Next, your bullets don't go in a "clip," but a magazine. I'm not being nit-picky here. It would be wise to learn the lingo so people will know what you're talking about.

    I too live in Atlanta and can give you a few reputable gun shops to take it to to have them check it out.
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    It would be very useful if you can find an "exploded" view of the pistol on line and ID the part that isn't supposed to move. You may be able to tie it down by sticking a popsicle stick up the mag well and poke around if you are uncomfortable with the disassembly instructions in the manual. Then refer us to the on line view and give us the part number to positively find it on the drawing. Failing that, we will need things like manufacturer and model (I'm also, like Opie, guessing it isn't a Browning, there are quite a few clones around.) Don't post the serial number for OPSEC.

    Opie is right, a gun shop that tells you that you should have bought from them are simply salesmen of the used car flavor. Find a gunsmith that has a stake in his reputation. You might also try calling the vendor that sold it to you rather than the manufacturer. He'll have a greater stake in seeing you happy than a random counter hanger in a random shop.

    I think we can infer that you are new to the handgun game --
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    I suspect we might be dealing with a "Hi-Point" not a "Hi-Power." That would explain the gun shop's reactions. If such is the case, you probably made a mistake.
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    As has been noted previously, "a picture is worth a 1000 words".... We really need to see what you have. There isn't a single action semi-auto weapon FINER than a Browning High Power. That design has been around since "Before Moses" and literally MILLIONS of them have been produced, many from FN in Belgium. Many more clones from FM Argentina, and even some from Japan. John Browning and family are, and were, the Craftsman of the semi-auto and full-auto firearms world for MANY years. I don't think they EVER designed a clunker, and anyone who would take a Glock, over a Belgium Browning, is an IDIOT and doesn't know "diddley squat" about the subject. I bought my HiPower decades ago, as one of that last production runs from FN. It has traveled the world with "Me" since 1974, and just returned with me from a Road Trip, 5 weeks down in the FlatLands. You should also note that a Browning HiPower uses a Double Stacked Magazine with 12 in the Mag and one in the Chamber for a 13 round loadout. This makes me wonder if you really have a HiPower or some wossie clone, or something else. I posted a picture of my HiPower to this post, for you to compare with yours. .... YMMV....
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    Is it this
    Hi-Point Firearms: 9mm

    Or this -
    Browning Hi-Power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You indicated it cost you 500 or so less than a Glock. That would not be true if it's a Browning (or clone) unless well used. If it's a Hi Point, I'd exercise the vendor's return policy. They make shootable weapons, but the quality is not equal to Browning. The 8 shot magazine is almost a dead giveaway, Hi Power carries 13 rounds.
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    No doubt it's the Hi-Point. They're actually decent guns for the money, but I would have to second the opinion of the gun shop, there's a reason a new Glock is $500.

    You probably won't have any problems with it, and it has a life time guarantee. I just wouldn't risk my life on it. Spend the money, get a better firearm, and keep the Hi-Point around as a lesson learnt.

    Most of all, get some training. It's a magazine, not a clip!!!

  9. Witch Doctor 01

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    Sounds like a hi- point C-9... the browning high power has a higher capacity magazine than the 8 mentioned... If so it has a life time warranty... and if not the quality of a high power or glock still a decent firearm...

    the manual is located here..

    Hi-Point Firearms Manuals

    The web site also has a dealers list of those nearest you to take the weapon for repair/questions...

    Hi-Point Marketing & Distribution (MKS Supply)

    8611-A N. Dixie Dr.
    Dayton, OH 45414
    Phone: 937-454-0363 / Toll free: 877-425-4867
    Fax: 937-454-0503
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    If it is a Hi-Point, good luck. To an extent, you do get what you pay for. I picked this up on another site:

    A trade-in police Glock, Ruger, or an old revolver would be much more reliable than a Hi-Point.

    (If you mean Hi Power, disregard. Repair that bad boy. I would take a Browning HP over a Glock any day of the week.)
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    If this was on the red and green show they'd fix it with duct tape.
  12. Alpha Dog

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    A High Point has alot of problems and can be dangerous, I had a neighbor almost lose his hand and had to have some metal frag removed from his face. They say it has a life time warranty but I dont know of anyone who has ever had luck with that. I would look for something more dependable. Glock, Sig, Smith & Wesson I carry a Springfield 1911 4inch I prefer the 1911 over any other they are tough and they have been battlefield tested. Also I got my dad a EEA Baby Eagle 45acp it's a little heavey but a good shooting gun, depedable, double action, 10 rouds in the mag and the price isn't to bad between $400.00 / $450.00
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    Friends don't let friends shoot hi-points.

    *Ducks and runs*
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    Hey now!

    You know having a HiPoint is better than not having any weapon.
    It's better than a sharpened stick. Erm, Scratch that, It's better than having no weapon.

    That being said, If i had no guns. If i only had 100 dollars and some change, I'd buy a hi point. With a caveat, I'd save to buy another gun in same caliber as soon as possible. Then I'd have 2 guns, Then I might buy a carbine chambered in the same caliber. Now I'd have 3 guns.

    Then I'd buy the best pistol in the same caliber that i could afford and could shoot well,

    THEN, I'd take the hipoint clean it up and put it into storage. It ought to have some trade value in the future when no one has guns, except the oppressors.
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    Thanks BoroMonkey. And i appologize to all for the confusion. It was a Hi Point not a Hi Power..
    Thanks Hispeedal2, for the picture. When the first gun shop instructor said "they blow up in your hand and pieces go everywhere" i thought he was pulling my leg. I see he was not.
    Thanks for the recomendations Alpha Dog, I have already been talking to the shop owner about the S&W and the Taurus 709SS. My revolver is a Taurus and i have had no problems with it.
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    Their pistols are pretty lousy, but the Hi-Point carbines are pretty decent.

    Hi-Point has a newer carbine in .45ACP. I watched a guy make regular hits on 100 yard steel gongs with one of these carbines (iron sights) a few weeks ago.
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    I know guys that own Hi-Points and have had no issues with them. I know a guy who had some ejection problems and got great service. I know a guy who owns one that rattles and is inaccurate. I figure for the money, it puts a gun in your hand immediately. I have been thinking of a carbine in 9mm to match my Keltec P11 pistol.
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    Although I don't own one and have no plans on buying one; the Hi-Point is inexpensive basic protection on a limited budget. My only experience with one was shooting up a variety of different brands of leftover ammunition. After a couple of hundred rounds it didn't malfunction and hit the cans easily enough.

    Fourtitude.com - Glock 10mm goes boom

    A search for Glock goes boom gets a lot of hits.

    This is common in Gun Shops and even more common on the internet. A pistol or revolver which fits your hand well and "points" well for you is a lot better than any brand name.
    She had to tell the clerk twice "It (the glock) doesn't fit my hand" before she caught his attention. As we shoot a lot together; it was fun to turn her loose on the unsuspecting.. lol

    I dislike a Glock trigger but "like" the Hi Power's; go figure.. ;)

    Glocks are excellent; but so are so many others. IMO, if the Glock shoe fits, wear it.
  19. Hispeedal2

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    I agree, Glocks aren't for everyone. They are, perhaps, one of the best deals in terms of cost-reliability-accuracy-ease of use.

    Note that the pic is from a Glock that was fired with hard cast bullets- NO HARD CAST BULLETS IN POLYGONAL RIFLING!

    There are great, match after market barrels for those that wish to shoot lead through a Glock. If you search any gun out on the internet, there is a reloader somewhere that has blown one up. The difference between the Hi Point pic and the Glock pic was that the Glock pic was a self induced reloader failure (wrong bullet type), while the Hi-Point was a catastrophic gun failure.

    Here is the real issue with Hi Point pistols:
    Source: Hi-Point Firearms - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They will not take hot defensive loads repeatedly like a forged steel gun will. IMHO, Hi Point has crossed the line on making critical components out of what amounts to die-cast metal.
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