Did Obama win because he was the best candidate...or the perception that he was the least worst?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chelloveck, Nov 12, 2012.

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    The following article is an interesting take on the GOP's defeat in the recent US Presidential election....

    Kathleen Parker: GOP must look in the mirror | CJOnline.com

    Parker is right...political nitwits might just as well put on their clown suits and play in the street, as put themselves forward as serious contenders for political high office. If the GOP is to have a ghost of a chance of gaining office, it needs to seriously extend itself beyond its traditional conservative voter base....else it will continue to travail across the political wilderness in an epically Mosaic manner....gnashing it's teeth and rending its threadbare raiments.
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    I think people are so complacent or apathetic and want to be kept by the government with head in the sand no worries.
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    There is a lot of truth to what Ms. Parker says in that article. Many of the votes for Obama, I think, were people choosing the lesser of two evils. They were voting anti-GOP, not pro-Obama. The GOP, if it wants to regain the Whitehouse, needs to find a way to include a larger section of the American populace. They are pushing a lot of centrists away by giving too much support to radical candidates. When one of the crazies finally go too far, and says something really offensive, they then attempt to distance themselves, but the damage is already done. It's too late to condemn the whacked out comments of someone that the party has already helped to elect multiple times.

    They need to show that they are open to compromise. I'm not saying that basic principles have to be discarded, but there isn't one of us who hasn't had to compromise at various times, to get where we wanted to be. It is a basic concept of life. Someone gets a paycheck and looks at what they want to do with it, and then looks at what they need to do with it, and a compromise results. You'd really like to shoot your annoying neighbor, but you consider how many years you'd get for it, so you put up a fence instead - a compromise.

    Too many of these idiots get to Washington, and forget some of life's basic concepts. They're out of touch. They want to play their party politics, like a bunch of school kids, while the country goes down the toilet. Myself, I hate both parties. I'd love to see both dissolved, or another couple added. These idiots sitting across the aisle from each other, making faces, and trying to score political points through supposedly witty sound bites in the media, is analogous to Nero fiddling while Rome burned.
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