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    That's ok, just hold up your phone....we're tracking you now.....:D[sarc1]
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    I know its off topic, but gotta say love your avatar:)
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    How To SEARCH From Offsite

    Using Google: Type your search term (I used wool blankets) followed by site:survivalmonkey.com

    The search engine will then display all pertinent threads for this website. Easy.

    SEARCHING IN START PAGE (Google Backend):

    TYPE - wool blankets "site:survivalmonkey.com"


    Also Related, HOW TO SEARCH WITH TAGS ---> Did You Know? Forum Tips and Tricks (New) | Page 4 | Survival Forums
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    I was asked a question about the Trending tags box on the sidebar.

    From my understanding, the system calculates Views of threads that are tagged and displays them in this block alphabetically. The recalculation takes place every 24 hours and takes into consideration the last 7 days of view activity.

    Of course, clicking on any of these tags opens up a page that lists the threads that have been tagged. You can also see all of the tags here: Tags | Survival Forums
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    Our search is tricky. If you are in a forum it will default to only searching that forum. You need to untick this box:


    But even then it's a dumb search because it only looks for instances of a word and doesn't recognize context. A better way would be this - enter your search as water filter and then hit the Google tab in the search result:


    You can see that water filter didn't do so well with Forum search:
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    Thanks mate !
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    TIP: Inserting quoted text from highlighting any part of message

    You can easily insert any portion of text from a previous message or a series of quotes from many different messages (multi-quote).
    Just highlight the text you intend to quote with your mouse by clicking and dragging. You will notice a small popup appear. Click '+Quote' to add the selected text to your multi-quote queue, or simply click 'reply' if this is the only text you intend to quote.

    You will then see the option "Insert Quotes" (if you choose '+Quote' appear in your reply box (bottom left).

    Click the "Insert Quotes" button, and a popup box will appear. Select "Quote these messages" to insert the quoted text you highlighted.


    Now you will see the quote appear in your reply box...

    You can do the same as many times as you like, selected text throughout an entire thread, quoting multiple users. When you get to the point of replying, and click the "Insert Quotes" button, all the selected quotes will be displayed in the popup...


    You can remove any of the quotes you wish at this time, or keep them by clicking "Quote These Messages".

    It's that simple!


    TRICK: Using watched threads feature without receiving notices (Unread Watched Threads)
    You may not like receiving notices, but would like to return to your watched threads and know if any new replies have been made since your last visit. Any watched threads you have will appear in your watched threads page, and they will be bold text. These are your unread watched threads. To find any of your watched threads which have not received new replies, you can click at the bottom, "show all watched threads".

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    Searching With Tags (update as of 11/2015)

    You can search the forums now by tags. Navigate to 'search' from the main bar located at the top bar from the main page:

    Once you have clicked 'Search Forums', the search page will load. Click on the 'Search Tags' tab and type in your search term. A pop up will appear if the term is already a tag:

    You can navigate to the list of topics by clicking SEARCH:

    Alternatively, you can also just click on any of the tags listed on the tag search page:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are in need of assistance, we have a shoutbox on the front page for any member to use and ask for help. You may also start a conversation with any moderators or editors online and ask a question, too --They are the ones with green or blue user names.
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    There's more than one way to find our code of conduct, and I am going to show three easy methods.
    First, if you choose to search, click the 'more' option, as follows:
    Next, you will click on the 'search tags' option and fill in your search term (code of conduct). As you can see, just by typing 'code' I automatically get the popup display for 'code of conduct' and I can click it:
    code. And here it is, displayed on the tags page for code of conduct:

    Second, you can choose to search our resources by navigating there from the main page (click 'resources') as shown below:
    Next, click on 'SM Site Resources' in the navigation panel on the left. You will find the Code of Conduct displayed as follows:


    Did you know?
    code4. The code of conduct is also a resource and can be downloaded to your device.

    Third, you can navigate directly to the Code of Conduct (CoC) from the forum main page. It is listed under the heading "Announcements", within the forum 'Site Announcements', and is only one click away at all times. See below:


    The Code of Conduct is circled in this image for your convenience, but it is easily found in the listing because it is pinned toward the top:
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  10. Thank you for the detailed guide
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  11. Helpful article, Hope it would come in handy during my stay out here
  12. Absolutely perfect post. Just what I needed. Thanks Brokor.

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