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    Michael J. writes:

    "Thanks, but I'll pass on installing these LED bulbs with built-in wi-fi repeater. Couldn't these be a colossal security problem if they contained malicious firmware? We know nothing about the manufacturer's background in this area."

    I believe the only possible answer is, "Ya think?" Vendors are hot to sell us an Internet of Insecure Things, manufactured as cheaply as possible in countries without a great concern for the privacy rights of citizens in the countries where consumers are being marketed the products. Does this look to anyone else as though it might contain the seeds of (massive, extended) failure?

    Much as I'd like to control all the lights, washers, dryers, toasters, espresso makers, crockpots, security cams, door locks, garage door openers, and so on from a single (say) tablet interface in my fortress of solitude or comfy chair, I really don't want a socially maladjusted youth in his mom's basement taking that stuff over. I'm willing to continue operating my stuff The Old Fashioned Way until the security issues are worked out.

    Electric power utilities that have installed "smart" meters, I'm looking at you.
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    I agree. but just ordinary LED bulbs are something I love. Talk about "make sense".
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    Only if you cave in . Learn how to protect your PAID homestead ..And Im in the fight , learn-up and find out yourselfs, Im into this for years,
    Down in WA now picking up a few of these prebuilt to combat them : Hybrid Inverter for Solar Power - Conext XW+ | SE Solar
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    Most people do the read their deeds. They come with easements for electricity which allows the power company install smart meters automatically
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