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    How KA-BAR Got Its Name? Well, here ya go.....

    "Our name dates back to the early 1900's from a fur trapper testimonial. He wrote that while trapping, his gun jammed leaving him with only his knife to kill a wounded bear that was attacking him. He thanked us for making the quality knife that helped him to kill a bear, but all that was legible was "K a bar". Honored by the testimonial, the company adopted the phrase KA-BAR as their trademark."
    Excerpt from. KA-BAR Knives, Inc. - KA-BAR Knives, Inc. - Producer of High Quality Hunting Knives, Survival Knives, Combat Knives, Law Enforcement and Military Knives - Hardcore Lives. Hardcore Knives.

    I learn something interesting & novel I didn't know these days.....

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    If I ever quit learning they can throw dirt over my body, because I am dead. That was an interesting thing to learn
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    A lot of words and phrases that people use daily, have roots of which the users are unaware.
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    Yup. It is fun digging up word origins. Saw one today, had to do with Greeks and the maze of the Minotaur . One of the priestesses saw a p
    Man who was being sacrificed to the Minotaur and she asked the maze builder to tell her the secret to escape. He gave her a ball of twine (called a clue). From that we now have the word clue
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    Could be a fun thread....
    We call any type of unexpected wealth a "windfall" because fruit, fallen to the ground by the wind, was unfit for the lord's table due to bruises and possible worms. Anyone could have those fruits, but it was the only freebie the peasants got. Any other kind of foraging was considered to be poaching, and was a serious crime. It could get you killed, deported, or maimed.
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    They have the BLM too? Poor people!
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    Nope, their storm troopers used swords and often a rope, but few bullets.
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    Hoist on your own Petard, comes from trying to breech castle gates. A Petard is a #90 cast iron cannon, hung from a bipod and chain (one form). An attacker would lean the bipod to the gates, hang the cannon, light it off, and then get out of the way before it went off. All the while, the defenders were doing their best to kill you. If you hesitated too long while judging the best moment to retreat from the blast, it would throw (or hoist) your body parts back over the moat. So "hoist on your own Petard" means you did it to yourself.
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