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    Some of you may be aware that there is grave concern amongst minority groups in South Africa over an incipient state of national collapse and nascent civil unrest and insurrection.

    A Christian-oriented Civil Defence organisation called Die Suidlanders (The Southerners) has been formed, and duly constituted under the provisions made for national groups, within United Nations charter, to prepare and protect the embattled Afrikaner ethnic group and other Christian whites in the event of national anarchy.

    It is a civil defence organisation operating strictly within the law and it does not welcome agitators, militants, criminals, and people who conduct themselves outside of Christian norms. This is NOT a rabid right-wing racist militant organisation. It is a Civil Defence Organisation devoted to food, water, fuel, shelter, and protection of civilians, women, children, and the aged, in a time of nationwide anarchy which appears as if it is possibly imminent.

    For the first time it has an English website http://www.suidlanders.org

    If you wish to contribute in any way to the preparations for what might transpire to be the last Christian war of its type in history, please remember them in your prayers.
    I beg you before God, spare us a thought. Our time is coming and many are going to suffer and die. We need last-minute help, especially prayer.

    Useful references to understanding the development of our crisis include
    • http://www.voortrekker-history.co.za/
    • https://www.censorbugbear.org/ Nota Bene: this website and its external links pertaining to murders of farmers in particular and whites in general must be viewed with the utmost caution. The stories and pictures of murder, rape, assault, torture, and crucifixion are not suited to sensitive people.
    • James A. Michener's The Covenant,
    • and a forthcoming series of videos on YouTube.
    • You may also be interested in getting the English version of the complete Suidlanders Civil Defence Manual, which is a brilliant and comprehensive study in evacuation and defensibility and safeguarding from navrae@suidlanders.co.za (fyi, navrae means enquiries).
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    I traveled to South Africa in 1986. Spent about 6 weeks there while modifying our product at a copper mine. We were not allowed to work on Sundays, so we took advantage of the time and toured on the weekends. It was really a pretty fantastic place.

    The Afrikaners were quite concerned about the future of their country at the time and unfortunately it appears their concerns were well founded. We need to take note.
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    An interesting project....though the organisation could be more accurately described as a Protestant Christian oriented organisation...

    Suidlanders are in my most sincerest and earnest prayers, for a more ecumenical approach to the coming apocalypse....My enemy's enemy is my friend...should work ok, unless my enemy's enemy are Catholics or Christians of various orthodox persuasions...they apparently can make their own arrangements.
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    I totally agree with chelloveck.
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