Diesel Genset on eBay... CHEAP

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BTPost, Feb 11, 2011.

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    This would be for a Mechanic Prep'er, who is looking for a Spring Project, and wants a Backup diesel fueled Genset with CoGeneration Heat Recovery, for his OffGrid Outfit. It was a running takeout, and needs a Rear Main Crankshaft Seal, Starter Motor, and an AVR board. It was replaced because they couldn't figure out the issue with the AVR. This is a KNOWN Issue, and a $20US Fix. Starter is available from "Me" should a Monkey actually buy it. This is a VERY Rugged, Onan J Series 7.5 Kw Genset, (MDJE) with the Onan YD Brushless Genend fitted. (Spec Code AC) It has both the Heat Exchanger and Marine Water Jacketed Exhaust Manifold, that makes it ideal for a CoGeneration setup. At the time I saw it it was $200US and in Missouri. I would have bought it myself, but the shipping to get it here, it would be more than the finished Project would be worth.
    Here is the eBay Listing. Onan Marine Diesel Generator, MDJE, 7.5kw for parts - eBay (item 280626765614 end time Feb-12-11 07:17:08 PST)
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    Nice find Bruce. I ran an onan twin for years , only in the gas version. It must have had about 20,000 hours on it , and then sold it to my only neighbor when I got my Kohler. They are just about bullet proof.
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