Digital Currency?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by VisuTrac, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Yeah but what do you think the odds are that no one is controlling this?
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    WoW gold for mainstream people.. is this guy for real? This guy is dreaming.. I can see hackers forging coins from day one. What a crappy idea.
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    if you think the govt isnt pulling the strings, even here on the web...
    i feel sorry for you
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    Digital currency is already here. Credit cards, wire transfers, home loans, debit cards & Interest.
    You'll just get your card "charged' up with more 'credits' soon. But you can't buy items bad for your health, or else you'll have to pay more tax to get these items. I see a huge black market for cash.
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    This^ has been true some 20 years now. I only pay in "digits". I rarely carry any "cash". My "pay check" is digitally placed into my "wallet". (I may or may not have off- books cash ;))

    As a caveat to this discussion, having cash as a prep is a good idea. For that first few days or months, cash may still work, but your bank card may not. Why barter the "good stuff" early on when you can give away "paper"? Of course that won't work with us Monkeys ;) A good example is in first few chapters of Lights Out.
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