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    Want to Spy on Someone? It's Easier Than Ever - Yahoo! Finance

    Are any in the Monkey tree considering or are using any of these technologies to monitor their kids ECT. Are you using it in conjunction with your security plan and if so how? With technology so prevelant in today's society, the spying side is becoming big business.

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    Just a NOTE, here: This WebPage was last updated in 2007.... Most of the information is very dated in todays Comms World....
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    More of a conversation starter than a reference to the latest tech. Thank you for the advisory, I should have noted that. Links have been updated.
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    Another area to address with your digital security plan is the disclosure of your families activities including travel and when you will be out of area. This is the time when burglar's will take advantage of your home and possessions. Teach you family to keep your practice times, travel dates and other times of absence private. With only your trusted neighbors/friends being notified by some other mean's than by face-book type media, to watch your place and feed the dog. You never want to disclose that you are traveling and nobody is home. many recent stories I have seen were in regards to thieves watching the funeral pages in the newspaper- and hitting the home on the funeral date knowing that all family will be there instead of tending the house. Remember that they are watching everything you do and looking for the weakness to strike.

    Home Security and Social Media - Alarm System Reviews
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