Dilemna for our "First Responders"......

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    Today, my son (deputy) informed me that the sheriff's office here decided to check on all the isssued equipment for the individuals assigned to their districts.
    It was found that there are some serious problems, as they have discrepancies in their inventory-vs-deputies, (quotas).
    My son was told he had to take in his personal protective kit to be checked for expired items such as: gas mask filters.
    He explained he was NEVER issued a kit.
    (he has been there for 2 years now!)
    As a result, the agency decided to review who did and who did not have kits issued.
    In my son's district alone they have 75 deputies, of those, ONLY 58 have been issued kits!
    Each kit has a mask, a filter, a protective suit, 2 pr of gloves and a set of booties.
    Everyone is supposed to be issued a kit, and each individual is suppposed to be trained in the proper way to use the items they are issued.
    My son was finally issued his own kit, but the filter expires in March 2010.
    Now, the training is NO longer in a classroom, but online!
    I explained to him, there is NO way he or most anyone else can learn the how and why of the functions of a mask online. It has to be done on a personal "hands-on" experience.
    Too many factors involved.
    As far as the suit itself, it has to be worn on the inside of ones equipment/belts etc.
    These kits are in a blaze orange colored "pelican" type of case.....
    I told him to bring the equipment to me, and I would instruct him on the procedures that the sheriff's office fails to provide.
    IF this is any indication, there are some very serious implications to who would be able to respond to an actual emergency that requires the need for these items....
    Figure on 2/3 or less of the current "first responders" out there, are either improperly equipped, IF at all, and those that are, may NOT have ever been trained in the proper usage and procedures for that equipment.
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