Direct Reinvestment Programs.

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    First topical thread. Why pay fees for investing? Do company employees have to pay extra to purchase company stock, or do they earn extra from Company furnished investment incentives? Got more time than money? Research Direct Reinvestment Programs.
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    Makes a change from time share condos in a central American volcanic a caldera...or counterfeit documents and currencies. :eek:
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  4. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    Now I'm confused? I've personally purchased into the Direct Reinvest Plans of several corporations that I've never worked for via "The Money Paper". They are still earning and the corporations cover all fees.
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    I don't think that there's any problem discussing DRIPS / DRPs (Direct Reinvestment plans) in general terms; However, linking to a particular DRIP / DRP may be problematic.

    Dividend Reinvestment Plan - DRIP

    Although there are undoubtedly some advantages to using DRIPS / DRPs, a lot depends upon the taxation jurisdiction that the investment / investor resides in, as to the taxation dimension to the investment. SM is a website with an international membership and the tax advantages / disadvantages may be different for each depending on where the jurisdiction resides that extracts any tax liability.

    By linking to a particular DRIP / DRP scheme, there is uncertainty as to the relationship between the promoter and the promoted. It's one thing, I guess to link to the manufacturer of one's favourite fire-arm or cooking pot...its another to link to specific financial instruments where, potentially, significant amounts of FRNs may be involved....
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    Exactly @chelloveck , thank you for your comments!!
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    Unless your employer has a 401k contribution matching plan I see no other reason to put money into non physical assets.
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