disapointed in my ar

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by sasquatch91, May 4, 2012.

  1. sasquatch91

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    i know it was a cheap one but i bought a dpms panther arms sportical ar 15 in 5.56 and really wasent all that impressed, everything felt cheap on it, no dust cover, no sights, no chrome lined barrel, ended up swaping it off. think i will just get an ak 47 and call it good for a shtf gun.
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    unfortunately you get what you pay for with some weapons. You might see if there is a gun range near you that will rent out a weapon for a day. We have some here in town that will rent them out to you so you can try them before you buy them. Of course you have to try them on their range , but at least it gives you an idea of how it will fire.
  3. jim2

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    Stick with the AK, it is ultra reliable and has plenty of punch. Something the AR tends to lack depending on the load.
  4. Tikka

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    Due to its better accuracy, the AR has a greater effective range than an AK. The above average AK does not come close to an average AR.

    For shtf one might give an AK the edge as it's 7.62 round penetrates sloped glass etc better an 5,56. However, both work well enough and better accuracy is a real advantage when ammunition is limited.
  5. Pyrrhus

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    Ahhh, the great debate...can we work in .45 vs 9mm? I'll just say that the 9mm is a piece of crap round. My wife's .40 rounds make 9mm rounds look like something for the kids. Here we go!
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    I think the biggest thing in the DPMS Sportical is that it is made from the least expensive parts they could get. Not "cheap" as in parts made in Malaysia, but as the least expensive parts they could get bulk deals on.

    That particular upper reciever is not a mil-spec part. It is thicker and machined from an extrusion, specifically made for the civillian market. It was originally made for sturdier scope mounting with weaver bases rather than a carry handle mount. The design predated the current crop of flat top uppers. Most notably are the lack of a forward assist and the port door. Less machining operations translates to less expensive.

    The handguards, stock, and pistol grip are quite inexpensive, also being from the "least expensive" sources in bulk purchase and contract company branded logo.

    There could not be more truth said. The sportical is the least expensive rifle in the DPMS line. A lot of other manufacturers can't reproduce this rifle. Smith & Wessen has a really good inexpensive AR-15 in their line, but they are hard to get; my local gunshop has orders in for them, but the distributers can only get so many. When they do get a rifle or two in, they usually get sold in a day or two.

    You had a few choices, but you already seem to have taken one of them. You could have kept the rifle and replaced the stock, handguards, and grip with a set that were of a much higher quality. That would have probably solved 80% of your problems.

    After shooting it a bit, if you still didn't like the upper reciever itself, you could replace the upper reciever with a stock A3 upper from several places. That would give you the port door and the forward assist. You could then sell the old upper reciever and get some of your cash back, maybe reinvest it on some other parts...

    The barrel not being chrome lined is really a non issue this day and age. If that really bothered you, I would recommend getting another barrel to keep as a spare for after you hit the 10,000 round mark and decide to replace it. Get a spare bolt to go with that barrel and you should be set.

    The sights would need some addressing, as the Sportical doesn't come with anything. This leads to some choices: scope or iron sights. The Sportical usually has a rail on the gas block, so you can attach a fixed or folding front sight to that, and get a rear sight to match. If you decide on a scope, then you have to get scope mounts that are tall enough for you to shoot an AR comfortably.

    Another choice would be after selling the Sportical, get another rifle for a little bit more money that has all of the features that you are looking for. Unfortunately, if you think an AR feels cheap, just wait until you get an AK in your hands; loose handguards, poor sights, and flopping magazines are the norm with each and every AK I ever handled.
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  7. UGRev

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    I'm going to end this debate.
    If you get shot in the head with a 7.62 or a 5.56, you're not getting back up.
  8. BTPost

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    well, maybe "Square in the Head", but if it just grazes your head, you may live to fight another day..... ..... YMMV.... depending on where you are hit...
  9. Cephus

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    I'll take both just in case I find more ammo !!!
    Also a 3lbs hammer sq in the head will get the job done ,but i'm not taking one of those with me !!
    This debate is old and long !!
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  10. Redneck Rebel

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    Tactical Wheelbarrow full 'o Tacticool .22LR Weaponary > AR or AK
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  11. Pyrrhus

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    Now we're talkin'!
  12. Gunny Highway

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    Always Mil-SPEC, always....

    I heard you might have to fight with the thing someday....just sayin...
  13. wrc223

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    Both have killed more people than smallpox so I say one of each. Then no matter who yer fightin, you will have better odds of picking up their ammo and being able to use it.
    I am not a huge fan of 9mm but I own three of them. Why? Well, some would call me a prepper. As such I think it is smart to have at least one or two weapons stashed someplace that is in the caliber of potential adversaries' weapons. Not that I buy the high end stuff, I usually hold out for one of those, I am desperate and need cash, sales and scoop up an AK'ish rifle for $250. Scoop up a few mags and a bulk drop of ammo at a gun show and stash all of it.
    I shoot my AR's...I love em!! But I also own an AK and SKS.
    I like 10mm but I own 9's and .45ACP's.
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  14. Silversnake

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    Sounds like the arguement is "My AK is built a little loose, so it is more durable and your AR" or "My AR uses .223 which will be more plentiful when SHTG and my AR is more accurate than an AK".

    Consider the following;

    History shows most direct fire small arms engagements occur at 200 meters or less.

    Even in Asscrackastan, the ARs have to be supplemented by Soldiers with SDM rifles for those occasional long shots.

    The .223 is and likely will be plentiful when SHTF.

    AKs do have a better reputation for durability.

    Perhaps the best answer is neither an AK in 7.62x39 or an AR in .223, but rather is an AK in .223 (such as a Saiga).
  15. Alpha Dog

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    Thats why I make sure to keep a good AR military and L.E.O. use the 5.56 and extra mags. Same as the 12ga and 9mm/45ACP I always tell people shop wisely and make the choice that will pay off in the long run.
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  16. wrc223

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    Maybe an AR in 7.62 NATO? .243 Winchester? .22LR? 7.62x39? 6.8? 6.5? maybe .50 Beo.?
  17. UGRev

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    OK.. I'll end this for real.

    NUKES!! you all lose! unless, of course, it just grazes your head.. *sigh*.. lol
  18. wrc223

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    Ive had some problems with the GPS tracking system on my ICBM's. It looks similar to the Tom Tom but with an elderly british voice.
    I called the company I ordered it from but they are closed till monday.

    Here is the serial number:


    If you have any experience with these units, help a feller out.
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  19. UGRev

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  20. Gafarmboy

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    Carry one and when it is empty, just pick up the dead guy's ammo AND WEAPON..less to carry that way...

    Unless it is an AR.....Run Away...Run Way......[stirpot]

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