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    Discovery reran all the "alaska experiment" shows yesterday. 9 folks dropped off in the wilds of Alaska( no prize or contest), 5 punched out before getting home, The larger bodied folks( n.j. cop) had real trouble living on the few hundred calories a day provided by foraging ,hunting and fishing,after about three weeks. 3 women and two men walked around 50 miles to a rail track and waited fora train ride out. after 27 days. The group was fed mostly by a remington spartan .22 over .410., I don't hink they even fired the .45/70.
    Question for .45/70 owners would that rifle chamber the .410 like the tc contender barrel,45/410 ???
    Anyway it was an interesting escapade and showed the mental game to keep going is the toughest. Biggest and baddest guys were not at any real advantage, of the two male survivors one was "homersexual" (- political correctness points to discovery for making a mention of it..."He wasn;t very effiminate other than braiding one girls hair in an attempto relieve a little of her depression and keep her trudging forward.( kudos).:D
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    Re: discoverychannel " the Aalaska experiment...

    I watched that show and enjoyed it. They did fire the .45/70 at a ptarmigan (wounding the bird, but not killing it). Beyond braiding that gal's hair, the gay guy also pranced about in the fur skivvy suit he made for himself. I thought it was an interesting show, but I wonder how you apply to get on shows like that.
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    Yeah I forgot about the fur show, I'll give him that one free;, he gets credit for toughing it out til the end ( boyfriend or not).

    Les stroud did survivorman himself, create the content then market it. Instead of applying to somebody elses circus...
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    Seems like every show has to have their token [haay] Nancy Boy.
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    Yeah some producer had to make sure it "came out"...That's my issue, whereas nobody would've given even a bit of notice to one of the guys saying "my girlfirend/wife wrote me aletter.they gained a little shock value , "My boyfriend wrote mea leterand i carry it everywhere".Does it affect me? No, andi try to be fair to " "them";but I don't like theconstant inyour face agenda: I'm Gay! no I'm gayer..., Look at that judge that threw carrie prejean a curve, and then attacked her for her honest opinion on national t.v.

    Keep it to yourself and I don't care.
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